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New FLIR Moisture Meters and Accessories

FLIR offers two new Moisture Meters! Take quick Moisture measurements on wood and building materials with choice of Pin or Ball Probe Pinless (non-invasive) method. High-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use! MR55 PIN MOISTURE METER WITH BLUETOOTH® Features 11 material-group settings to improve…

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NEW Torrey Pines Scientific IC50 Chilling/Heating Dry Bath with Direct Temperature Control

The IC50 is supplied with a temperature probe to insert directly into the sample or into the sample block. The probe senses the sample temperature or sample block temperature directly…

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Extech Launches Test Tools for Light, Brix, Leaks, Temperature, and More!

Check out Extech’s Q2 product release that features eight new tools that offer the compact, rugged construction and great quality you've come to expect from Extech. Learn more about the…

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