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EMI/ EMC Compliance

EMI/ EMC Compliance

We distribute a range of stand alone, modular, and compact conducted immunity test equipment designed to simulate the effects of interference sources on electronic, electrical and telecommunications products. Our objective is to provide a complete range of instruments that are flexible enough to be used in many applications including product development, type verification, and production testing.

All products are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the most common international standards (IEC, EN, CISPR, UL, ANSI, ITU), and cover the “classic” EMC tests for ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD), Electric Fast Transient/Burst (EFT), Lightning SURGE, magnetic fields (MF), and power LINE quality. Along with our standard products for simulating the above phenomena, we offer a number of accessories necessary for a complete EMC testing setup. These include various calibration and verification equipment, safety accessories, and state of the art control monitoring and reporting software packages.

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