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Surge Testers

Surge Testers

Surge testers are pivotal instruments in the field of motor maintenance and reliability, especially relevant for professionals in the pumps and controls industry. Typically complementing digital multimeters and megohmmeters, surge testers excel in identifying turn-to-turn insulation weaknesses in motor windings, a critical aspect often undetectable by other testing methods like insulation resistance, low-voltage measurements, or high-voltage high-potential tests. Surge tests stress motor winding insulation above operating voltage, enabling the detection of both weaknesses and hard shorts, essential for predictive maintenance and ensuring motor reliability​​​​.

About Our Surge Testers

At Calright Instruments, our surge testers employ advanced techniques to assess motor winding integrity. Utilizing high rise-time pulses, our instruments generate decaying oscillating waves for each pulse, displayed on an oscilloscope circuit. The analysis is comprehensive, considering factors like the Q factor of the motor and the frequency of the waveform, inversely proportional to the number of turns in the winding. Our testers are adept at identifying subtle changes in waveforms, indicating potential issues like lost turns due to arcs or shorts. This capability is vital in preventive maintenance, allowing for early detection of insulation weaknesses and avoiding complete motor failure​​.

Why Get Surge Testers from Calright Instruments?

Firstly, our expertise and experience, honed since 2002, ensure that you receive not only quality equipment but also unparalleled customer service and technical support. Secondly, our status as an authorized distributor of leading brands guarantees access to a wide range of top-notch testing equipment. Lastly, we stand out for our comprehensive after-sales support, including calibration services that are NIST traceable and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited through A2LA.

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