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Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory equipment is essential for a wide range of scientific research and testing applications. These specialized tools are designed to provide precise control and measurement in various experimental settings. They include devices like incubators, hot plates, chillers, and heating baths, each playing a critical role in different laboratory processes.

About Our Laboratory Equipment

  • Laboratory Incubators: These are heated, insulated boxes crucial for growing and maintaining microbiological or cell cultures. They maintain optimal conditions like temperature, gaseous content, and humidity and come in various sizes, from small table-top units to large systems. Our incubators can be programmed for cycling through different temperatures and humidity levels, making them suitable for biochemical, bacterial cultures, cell and tissue culture, hematological studies, food analysis, and pharmaceutical work​​​​.
  • Digital Chilling/Heating Dry Baths: They are versatile, energy-efficient, and equipped with digital controls. They are perfect for laboratory applications requiring consistent temperature control for samples, including enzyme reactions, PCR sample preparation, and general molecular biology applications​​​​.
  • Hot Plates: Essential for heating samples and solutions uniformly, our hot plates come with a flat surface with heating sources and are often paired with magnetic stirrers for consistent temperature maintenance. They are designed with safety in mind, offering an alternative to open flames. Various types of hot plates are available, each tailored for specific laboratory needs​​.
  • Chilling/Heating High Capacity HPLC Column Ovens: These are used for precise temperature control in HPLC applications. They are solid-state systems with minimal moving parts and use Peltier elements for heating and chilling. These ovens are efficient, using less power, and are designed to be resistant to most solvents, making them ideal for a wide range of chromatography applications​​​​​​​​.

Why Get Laboratory Equipment from Calright Instruments?

Our products are designed to offer precision, reliability, and versatility, suitable for a variety of laboratory environments. Whether you need incubators for cell culture studies, chilling/heating baths for sample preparation, digital hotplates/stirrers for solution heating, or temperature circulators for HPLC applications, we have the equipment to meet your demands. Our commitment to quality and customer service ensures that you get the best equipment for your laboratory needs.

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