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Chilling and Heating Dry Baths

Chilling and Heating Dry Baths

Chilling and heating dry baths are essential tools in modern laboratories, offering precise temperature control for a variety of applications. Unlike traditional methods that utilize a liquid medium for temperature regulation, dry baths provide direct heating or cooling to samples, ensuring both efficiency and accuracy. They are extensively used in tissue/cell culture, assay preparation , molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, and proteomics.

Equipped with advanced microprocessors and digital displays, today’s dry baths allow easy setting and confirmation of temperatures. However, for heightened precision, it’s advisable to use an external thermometer or temperature probe as the digital readings represent the block’s temperature, not the liquid’s. Modern units now include compressors for cooling, a step beyond the traditional heating-only models, enabling temperature regulation several degrees below ambient room temperature. Additionally, Lab Armor’s dry bath inserts offer an alternative to standard bath blocks, allowing the use of milled aluminum beads for enhanced versatility​​.

About Our Chilling and Heating Dry Baths

At Calright Instruments, we provide a diverse array of chilling and heating dry baths, catering to the varied needs of today’s complex laboratory environments. Our offerings span from basic models suitable for standard laboratory procedures to advanced units capable of meeting the demanding requirements of specialized research. Each unit is designed to deliver reliable, consistent performance, ensuring that your samples are maintained at the optimal temperature for your specific application. With user-friendly interfaces and robust construction, our dry baths are built for both ease of use and long-term durability, making them a valuable addition to any laboratory setting.

Why Get Chilling and Heating Dry Baths from Calright Instruments?

Choosing Calright Instruments for your chilling and heating dry bath needs comes with several advantages. First, our extensive experience in the industry, dating back to 2002, ensures that we understand the intricacies of test and measurement equipment, including dry baths. This expertise translates into superior customer service and effective after-sales support, guiding you through the selection process and beyond​​. Second, our status as an authorized distributor of top-tier manufacturers means you have access to high-quality, reliable equipment​​. Finally, our comprehensive offerings, including the option to buy, rent, or lease, along with our in-house laboratory for calibration services, make us a one-stop solution for all your laboratory equipment needs​.

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