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Laboratory incubators are indispensable tools in microbiology, biotechnology, and molecular biology. These temperature-controlled chambers are designed to grow and maintain microbial cultures, cells, or tissues under optimal conditions. Typically made of stainless steel or glass, they incorporate a heating element, thermostat, and often a fan to ensure uniform temperature, CO2 levels, and humidity throughout the chamber​​.

About Our Incubators

At Calright Instruments, our incubators cater to a broad range of applications:

  • Cell and Tissue Culture Incubators: Designed to provide the precise environmental conditions needed for the growth of mammalian cells and bacteria like Escherichia coli, these incubators maintain specific temperature and CO2 levels, crucial for cell division and growth​​.
  • Microbiological Incubators: These are tailored for microbiological research, operating over a wide temperature range (20-80°C) to support the growth of various microbes​​.
  • BOD Incubators: Essential in environmental testing, these incubators measure the Biological Oxygen Demand of wastewater samples by monitoring the oxygen consumption of microorganisms during organic matter decomposition. They operate within a temperature range of 20-45°C​​.

Our incubators also include features like shaking for cultures that require agitation, sterilization to prevent contamination, and storage capabilities at specific temperatures. They are designed to eliminate cold areas and hot spots, ensuring even heat distribution for reliable results​​.

Why Get Incubators from Calright Instruments?

As an authorized distributor, we offer high-quality, reliable equipment from leading manufacturers. Additionally, our range of services, including purchase, rental, or lease options, along with our in-house laboratory for calibration services, ensures comprehensive support for all your laboratory needs.

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