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Water Quality

Water Quality

Calright Instruments offers portable, rugged and reliable water quality meters that can accurately measure the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of a water sample in the field or laboratory.

Our water quality meters are available in single-use models as indicators with separate electrodes or stick models for pH, Chlorine, Pure, ORP, dissolved oxygen, and fluoride content. Multi-Parameter stick units with interchangeable flat surface electrodes are also offered and provide excellent versatility in determining pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, and Temperature content. Compliant to EPA 340.2 measuring methods, our water quality meters incorporate special features such as IP67 waterproof, built-in memory, and built-in smart chips that tell you when to replace your electrode or recalibrate your meter.

Complete water quality kits are available and include a stick meter with interchangeable modules and sample cups. pH buffers for calibration before taking measurements, reagent tablets, and refillable electrodes are also included. Spare electrodes, sample cups, buffer solutions, reference solutions, and reagent tablets may be ordered when needed.

Applications for water quality meters include waste water monitoring, schools, aquariums, fish hatcheries, laboratories, food processing, photography, industry, quality control, water conditioners, filters, and swimming pools.

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