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Gloss Meters

Gloss Meters

Why Measure Gloss?

We carry quality portable digital gloss meters for your inspection and testing requirements.

Many industries measure gloss to ensure the quality of their products. Studies have shown that the gloss level of a product has as much psychological impact on a consumer as its color. Many products are designed with combinations of high gloss and matt finishes, maximizing their customer appeal.

How to select the right gloss meter?

The 60º angle (universal angle) gloss meter will measure matte to mirror finishes on flat surfaces of most materials such as polished stone, tile, plastic, wood, metal, including painted or coated surfaces.

The gloss meters will display measurement results in gloss units (GU). These results are based on a measurement scale that references a high polished black glass standard, which has a specular reflectance value of 100 GU, and a perfect matte value of 0 GU. Many non-metallic coatings and materials such as paint and plastics can be measured within this gloss range, while high reflective materials such as metal and mirrors can have values up to 2,000 GU.

The scale below can be used with the 60º angle gloss meter to estimate the Gloss Unit (GU) range and provide recommendations for improvement.

Gloss Range Gloss Unit (GU) 60° Angle Recommendation
High Gloss Above 70 GU Use 20° angle for improved measurement results*
Medium/ Semi-gloss 10 to 70 GU Continue to use 60° angle
Low/ Matte Gloss Below 10 GU Use 85° angle for improved measurement results*

*Dual angle and triple angle models are available

Gloss meters come with internal data storage and quality control software, which helps in reporting results and quickly identifying non-conforming materials.

If you need assistance selecting a product for your application,  please call our toll free hotline: 1.866.363.6634.

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