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MPS PMA-2008 Pocket Mining Vane Anemometer

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The PMA-2008 Pocket Mining Anemometer is the second generation of MPS’s battery-powered electronic anemometer for use in underground mining. Still small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, the PMA-2008 anemometer makes taking ventilation readings even easier than before!

Battery powered and small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, the Pocket Mining Anemometer is specifically designed for use in underground mining and is certified as intrinsically safe by MSHA. The new PMA-2008 anemometer adds an audible signal, to indicate when the 60 second count has started and ends. Also, the LCD can now be programmed to display in metric.

  • SIMPLE PUSH BUTTON CONTROL:  Rubber covered push-buttons select between (a) 60-second Counting mode and (b) Feet-per-minute mode.
  • AUTOMATIC 60 SECOND COUNTING MODE:  Watch where you are walking, instead of staring at your wristwatch. With the push of a button, the PMA-2008 Pocket Mining Anemometer automatically takes a 60 second reading. It can also be stopped for partial readings of feet-of-air. An audible alarm informs you when the count starts, stops and at 15-second intervals.
  • DUSTPROOF / WATERPROOF:  Designed for the rigors of a mining environment, the pocket anemometer is so well sealed, it can be submerged in water. If dropped into a puddle or sump, it floats.
  • NO CALIBRATION:  No adjustments or calibration are required. After approximately 100 hours of use, the impeller assembly easily slides out for replacement. This is all that is required to ensure precise readings with the Pocket Anemometer.
  • QUICK SPOT CHECKS:  Feet per minute mode allows for immediate checks of airspeeds behind line curtains, on long wall faces, over conveyor belts, or anywhere air flow must be verified.
  • TAKE YOUR LEATHER POUCH OFF YOUR TOOL BELT:  Every PMA-2008 Pocket Mining Anemometer comes with its own storage case and braided lanyard. A padded nylon carrying case with room for a replacement battery and impeller is an available option. Free up some space on your tool belt and put your old anemometer and leather pouch in the mining museum!


  • Underground Mining
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Name: MPS PMA-2008 Pocket Mining Vane Anemometer
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Name: MPS PMA-2008 Pocket Mining Vane Anemometer
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