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Kikusui KPM1000 Digital Power Meter

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The digital power meter, KPM1000, is a measuring instrument that measures the single phase power applied to the extended range from the small consumption such as a standby power to the large scale consumption of power. Through the years, each region of the world has been putting their effort to establish the regulation related to the ecological design such as "ErP Directive" in Europe, "Energy Star" in the US, "Top Runner Method" in Japan, and those standards are widely used by commercial companies while taking advantage from other products as well as an effort to the environment issues. In the "ErP Directive Lot6", it applies to the standby power consumption (classified in the "Off-mode" and "Standby mode") of home appliances, and office equipments, and it is required to issue the declaration of conformity for the CE marking.

The KPM1000 complies to the standard of IEC62301 (Household electrical appliances - Measurement of standby power) and it is capable to measure the standby power consumption required by the "ErP Directive Lot6". The KPM1000 is a compact , light-weight, low price, and capable to operate with the optional interface (some interfaces are available in factory option). The KPM1000 comes in handy for measuring the power of equipments, and it can be used as an essential device for the test system.

  • Voltage Range: 150V/300V/Auto range
  • Current Range: 5mA/ 10mA/ 20mA/ 50mA/ 100mA/ 200mA/ 500mA/ 1A/ 2A/ 5A/ 10A/ 20A/ Auto range
  • Measuring Items: Voltage, Current, Active power, Apparent power, Reactive power, Power factor, Phase angle, Frequency, Accumulated current, Accumulated power, Positive direction accumulated power, Negative direction accumulated power, Accumulated time, Voltage crest factor, Current crest factor, Voltage peak, Current peak
  • High Precision Measurement: Basic accuracy of the Voltage, Current, Power ±(0.1%reading+0.1%range). Capable with the “Crest Factor 6”, it can measure the precise RMS value to be smaller, and the larger waveform for the peak value.
  • Controlled by the PC: The dedicated application software enables you to control the KPM1000 through the PC as same as panel operation. Furthermore, the long-term data can be acquired just like a data logger.
  • Displays 4 Items of Data: No need to switch over the measuring items, it displays four measuring items at the same time. The seven-segment displays provides an excellent visibility from the distance.
  • Easy Operation: Enables to operate by intuition, not rely on the operation manual.
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