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Wika CTH6500 Hand-held Thermometer, Precision Version

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DISCONTINUED ITEM-Recommended Replacement: AMETEK Jofra ASC400 Advanced Signal Calibrator

The all-purpose model CTH6500 hand-held thermometer, for superior mobile temperature measurement, is notable for its precision, flexibility and ease of handling.

In addition to Pt100 resistance thermometers, it can also process signals from typical thermocouples. Thus temperatures from -200 ... +1,500 °C (-328 ... +2,732 °F) can be measured.

The explosion proof version is only for measuring Pt100 resistance thermometers available.

Through its high accuracy of 0.03 K in ranges from -100 ... +150 °C (-148 ... +302 °F), this instrument can also be used as a reference instrument in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries. The CTH6500 is thus also ideal for all service and maintenance tasks.

Low-drift measuring amplifiers ensure small measurement errors, while easy-to-use adjustment features considerably simplify adjustments and calibrations:

Calibration by code for fast setting of standard probes via identification numbers
Physical calibration of probe and display at one, two or three different temperatures

In this way it is possible to reduce measuring errors to a minimum and ensure a high display accuracy.

Additional Fields of Application
The instrument has been primarily designed for temperature measurement, though it can, with the appropriate probes, also be used for:

-Humidity measurement with a combined temperature humidity probe
-Flow measurement from 0.1 ... 40 m/s with a vane sensor

The calibration and adjustment possibilities above are also applicable to these measurement parameters.

  • High accuracy of 0.03 K with Pt100
  • One- and two-channel versions
  • Connection possibilities for various probe types
  • Calibration of thermometers
  • Temperature measurement for the purposes of quality assurance
  • Measurements in service and maintenance applications
  • Long-term monitoring and online documentation
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