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AMETEK Jofra ASC400 Advanced Signal Calibrator

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Availability: Ships within 2-3 weeks

ASC-400 is a portable process signal calibrator that provides the functionality and accuracy you expect from a laboratory calibration system, but compact enough to fit into the tool box and be operated with one hand for easy field calibration.

The ASC-400 is more than just a signal calibrator. Combined with Ametek APM external pressure modules or dry-block calibrator, it will calibrate pressure and temperature.

The full numerical keypad with a series of function keys and the cursor keys, provide a simple and quick user interface. The new full color display offers the best visibility and overview.

The high accuracy of ASC-400 has not been achieved on account of fragile measurements or source circuitries, the ASC-400 has fuse less protection – no lost replacement fuses...

  • Optimal read out visibility and high accuracy
    Large full color display and extremely user friendly interface. The ASC-400 accuracy is designed to meet high demands from modern sensores and transmitters
  • Input and output
    RTD: 16 different types, TC: 13 different types, Current 0-24 mA DC, Voltage 0-20 VDC, Frequency 0.05 to 10,000 Hz, Pulse train out-put, Resistance 5 to 4000 Ohm
  • Simultaneoues read-back and fast RTD simulation
    Including isolated read-back from device-under-test of mA, V, and pressure. The RTD simulation feature is fast enough to work with pulsed transmitters and PLC´s
  • Calibrate pressure and temperature
    Full featured pressure calibrator, just apply an APM, and benefit from, automatic leak-test, pressure-switch calibration and more… Use the ASC-400 together with JOFRA temperature calibrators, add measurement channels for sensors or temperature switches
  • Measure temperature
    ASC-400 can be used as high accuracy thermometer, ASC-400 works with RTD´s and CvD equations, to obtain true temperature, based on “true ohm” technology!
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Name: AMETEK Jofra ASC400 Advanced Signal Calibrator
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Name: AMETEK Jofra ASC400 Advanced Signal Calibrator
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