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Compliance West MP-BB-001 Medical Breakout Box

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The Compliance West MP-BB-001 is a breakout box for all medical impulse testers. When setting up for defibrillation testing, the MP-BB-001 allows the user to connect all the leads from the ECG or other device under test to the test equipment.

The MP-BB-001 allows Ground, Vtest and all SIP/SOPs to be connected easily between the device under test and the medical impulse tester. The front panel has an interlocked plexiglass cover for safety, with the interlock connections on the rear panel of the MP-BB-001. The interlock can be connected to medical impulse tester interlock, which will inhibit testing while the plexiglass door is open.

This product is for Medical Device Manufacturers and Product Safety Labs-

IEC 60601-1 and certain substandards require common mode and differential mode tests of the signal input ports and signal output ports (SIP/SOPs) with a defibrillation or similar pulse.  Medical Device Manufacturers and Product Safety Labs conduct these tests, which require substantial numbers of test lead reconfigurations and retests.  The MegaPulse MP-BB-001 is designed to allow the test leads to be easily reconfigured in a safe and organized manner.  The cover is designed to prevent connection to hazardous voltages, while allowing generous room for cable routing through slots on both sides.  In addition, an interlock is provided and when the customer uses the included cable to connect to a Compliance West MegaPulse Interlock, the MegaPulse is inhibited from delivering surges to the MP-BB-001, keeping the technician safe.

  • Plexiglass cover with safety interlock.
  • Connect interlock to MegaPulse for increased safety.
  • Easily connect and route the leads thru the side opening.
  • Strong magnet keeps cover close during testing.
  • Strong and lightweight, 8.00 lbs
  • Dimension is 12”W x 5”H x 15.25”D.
  • 5100V Max Voltage Rating.
  • Compatible with MegaPulse Medical Testers
  • One year warranty.
  • Includes Leads to connect to MegaPulse, 2 Red and 1 Black.
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Name: Compliance West MP-BB-001 Medical Breakout Box
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Name: Compliance West MP-BB-001 Medical Breakout Box
Quantity: 1
Cart Total: $1,890.00

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