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Compliance West GF-30AC-T High Current Ground Continuity Tester

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The GF-30AC-T is a production line workhorse. This unit delivers a constant AC current while checking impedence. This unit protects product under test as internal current limiting prevents over-current excursions.

Test results indicated by red and green LED's, audible buzzer on failure V=IRtual voltage sense circuit compensates for any resistance in both the test leads and AC power cord. This unit is ideal for TUV, NEMKO and CE production line testing.

The GF-30ac-T outputs 25A at low voltage for testing chassis ground in computers, appliances and other types of grounded equipment. As a no-cost option, the factory setting can be changed to any requirement between 10 and 30A.

The GF-30ac-T is best because line personnel need only to press one button and look for a green light. All the adjustments are on the rear panel.

  • Ideal for testing spot welds, bus bars, grounding straps, cables, chassis and other high current devices.
  • Logic Controlled, One-button testing. LED indicators. Buzzer upon failure, test terminates.
  • AC output. Constant current delivers 25 amps to any ground circuit with resistance of 0 to 0.1 .
  • Virtual voltage sense circuit.
  • NEMA 5-15 Receptacle
  • Calibration resistor mounted on rear panel.
  • Ideal for TUV, NEMKO and CE Safety Agency production line testing, including IEC601.
  • High efficiency design, low power consumption.
  • All test leads included.
  • Calibrated to NIST standards.
  • Voltage Test Type: AC
  • Voltage Range: 0-6 V
  • Current Set Point: 0-25 Ams ± 3%
  • Input Voltage Requirements: 117-127 V, 50 /60 Hz
  • Fuse Requirements: 120 V, 2 A Slow Blow
  • Pass/Fail Criterion: 0.1 Ω
  • Ramp Time :10 mSec
  • Test Duration Timer: 0-25 Sec Approx.
  • Computer Control: No
  • Operation Temperature: 15 – 35 °C
  • Relative Humidity Range: 0 – 90 % Non-condensing
  • Dimensions :9-1/4″ wide x 4-3/4″ high x 10″ deep
  • Weight: 11 Lbs
  • Calibration: One year calibration Certificate
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Name: Compliance West GF-30AC-T High Current Ground Continuity Tester
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Name: Compliance West GF-30AC-T High Current Ground Continuity Tester
Quantity: 1
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