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Compliance West GFM-300A-DM Ground Continuity Tester, 3-300A Output

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The GFM-300A-DM is designed for testing where very high currents are needed to judge connection resistance. The front panel allows adjustment of the AC current up to 300A with a max load of 0.010Ω. The dual digital meter front panel simultaneously displays both current through and voltage across the grounding circuit of the unit under test. Provided with premium leads and alligators, manual and calibration certificate.

  • GFM-300A-DM Ideal for testing spot welds, bus bars, grounding straps, cables, chassis and other high current devices.
  • AC Output. Adjustable current from 0-300A to any ground circuit with resistance of 0-10m Ω.
  • Four-wire output voltage sensing compensates for lead resistance.
  • High efficiency design results in less power consumption.
  • Ergonomically designed for safety, speed and efficiency.
  • Digital Meters for Current and Voltage.
  • Red Flashing backlight alarm indicates output over 305A.
  • Front Panel output breaker switch.
  • Premium leads and and clamps for high performance.
  • Large Knob for easy output adjustment.
  • Power cables, manual and calibration certificate included.
  • One year calibration cycle & one year warranty.
  • Ships with ANSI Cal
  • AC output – constant current delivers up to 300A at up to 3.75V for ground resistance measurements of up to .010 ohms. Current is adjustable from the front panel.
  • Digital meters indicates output current and voltage.
  • Output breaker switch on front panel.
  • Four wire voltage measurement for accuracy.
  • Rear panel outputs for safety.
  • Premium test leads included.
  • Large knob for easy adjustment.
  • Calibrated to ANSI Z540 Standards.
  • Test Type: AC.
  • Current Output: 3-300A – short circuit to 0.010 Ohms
  • Max. Voltage Output: 3.75Vac (Open Circuit)
  • Current Meter: 3.0-30.0Aac ±5%
  • Current Meter: 30.0-400.0Aac ±2.5%
  • Voltage Meter: 0.37-5.0Vac ±1.5%
  • Alarm trigger: 305.0Aac
  • Input Power: 120V 10.0A (Short circuit to 10.0mΩ.)
  • Operating Temperature: 15-28ºC, 60-95ºF
  • Relative Humidity Range:0-90% non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 11.25” (W) x 6.75” (H) x 13.00” (L)
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Name: Compliance West GFM-300A-DM Ground Continuity Tester, 3-300A Output
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Name: Compliance West GFM-300A-DM Ground Continuity Tester, 3-300A Output
Quantity: 1
Cart Total: $5,000.00

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