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AMETEK PK II Pneumatic Deadweight Tester, 1 to 30 PSI

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The Ametek Pneumatic Deadweight Tester PK II tester is a floating ball type, pneumatic deadweight tester. This model is engineered to offer user-friendly features, safe operation, and an optimal performance in the field or in the lab.

The AMETEK PK II Pneumatic Deadweight Tester is a primary standard that produces a pressure by applying force (weight set) over area (the ceramic ball and nozzle). The PK II tester is NIST traceable and accurate to ±0.015% using stainless steel weights calibrated to International standard gravity at 9.80665 m/s2 or local gravity as specified.

The PK II tester is self-regulating with accuracy independent of the operator. The tester utilizes a virtually frictionless ceramic ball floating on a layer of air within a stainless steel cylinder.

The PK II tester features a quick-leveling system for field or lab setup. The unit may also be mounted on an optional tripod for more convenient setup. The tester may be operated with the cover opened or closed. Weights are located in foam-protective slots in the case.

  • Pressure Range
    1 to 200 kPa (0.145 to 30 psi)
  • Accuracyto ±0.015% of Indicated reading. Accuracy ±0.025 and 0.050% is also available.
  • Repeatability±0.005% of indicated reading
  • Available unitspsi, g/cm2, mbar, bar, kPa, inH2O, cmH2O
  • Special Calibrations/Local Gravity
    PK II testers are supplied standard with masses calibrated to International Standard gravity of 9.80665 m/s2 . Local gravity calibration is available on all models.
  • Gas Industry Models
    Standard testers in inH2O or cmH2O are calibrated reference water columns at 20°C (68°F) per ISA recommended practices. Calibration to reference water columns at 60°F per AGA standards is available.
  • Exceptional Performance and Safety Built-In
    Floating Ball Operation
    Rugged Ceramic Measuring Ball
    Overhung Weight Carrier
    Non-Contaminating Test Fluid
    Closed Cover Operation
    Ball Valves for Inlet and Outlet
    Interchangeable Weights
    NIST Traceable
  • Oil & Gas Plants
  • Thermal / Nuclear / Hydro Power Stations
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • High pressure test benches
  • Research & Developments
  • Steel Plants
  • General Mechanical Engineering Industries
  • Rubber / Plastic Industries
  • Chemical Process Industries
  • Machine/Automobile Industries
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Name: AMETEK PK II Pneumatic Deadweight Tester, 1 to 30 PSI
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Name: AMETEK PK II Pneumatic Deadweight Tester, 1 to 30 PSI
Quantity: 1
Cart Total: $11,361.00

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