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AMETEK Jofra RTC187 Reference Temperature Calibrator, -45°C to 180°C

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The RTC187 is an accurate portable temperature calibrator with a wide temperature range. One of its great features is the patented DLC system for perfect temperature uniformity in the insert – even when calibrating large sensors or many sensors at a time.

The RTC Series also feature active dual- and triple-zone temperature control which provides excellent temperature homogeneity in the well.

Unique Temperature Performance

The RTC187 provides precision temperature calibration of sensors, whatever the type or format. This is accomplished through an innovative active dual-zone heating technology.

With Jofra’s active dual-zone heating technology, each heating zone is independently controlled for precision temperature calibration. The homogeneity in the lower part is close to that of a laboratory liquid bath. The lower zone ensures optimum heat dissipation throughout the entire calibration zone. The upper zone compensates for heat loss from the sensor-under-test, and from the open top. This design also eliminates the need for extra insulation of sensors-undertest and makes it possible to calibrate liquid-filled and other mechanical sensors.

DLC–Dynamic Load Compensation

Ametek has developed the patented DLC system which brings their well documented active dual-zone technology to an even higher level.

This newly developed feature makes it possible to perform top calibration specifications without being affected by the actual load, e.g. many sensors or very big sensors.

The new DLC sensor improves on the RTC calibrator’s already advanced dual-zone technology by controlling the homogeneity in not only the well, but inside the insert where the sensors-under-test are placed during calibration.

The DLC system is comprised of a special differential temperature sensor designed especially for the RTC. The sensor is placed in the insert and connected to the calibrator. When the DLC function is enabled, the calibrator will automatically equalize the temperature homogeneity inside the insert, along with the normal temperature control and stabilization.

The RTC187 offers many new fantastic features such as:

  • Patented DLC (Dynamic Load Compensation) system for perfect temperature uniformity in the insert.
  • Unique, intelligent sensors for plug n’ play connection.
  • USB connector for communication.
  • Easy-to-read color VGA display with a perfect overview of the actual status.
  • Intuitive, fast, and user-friendly navigation.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • New functional carrying case design.
  • New multi-hole insert kits covering all of the most used sensor sizes.
  • High profile design and well-known, long lasting Jofra quality.
  • High Accuracy:  Down to ± 0.04° C using the external reference sensor. 4-wire True-Ohm Measurement technology is used.
  • Excellent Stability, 0.005° C
  • Wide Temperature Range: From -45 to 180° C (-49 to 356° F).
  • Improved Temperature Homogeneity: Unique, active dual-zone block ensures good temperature homogeneity in the
    calibration zone.
  • DLC (Dynamic Load Compensation): Perfect temperature uniformity in the insert, even when calibrating large sensors or many
    sensors at a time. (B and C models only.)
  • Display Indicator for Temperature Uniformity: Shows the degree of temperature uniformity in the insert when using the new DLC
    technology. (B and C models only.)
  • Intelligent Reference Sensors: Jofra reference sensors are supplied with intelligent plugs, holding the calibration data (coefficients) of the reference sensor. This is a truly plug n’ play calibration system.
  • USB Communication: All RTC calibrators communicate via an easy-to-use USB port.
  • EURAMET: Best performing dry-block with regard to the EURAMET/cg-13v.01 guideline for the testing of dry-blocks.
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