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AMETEK Jofra MTC650 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator, 28 to 650ºC (82 to 1202°F)

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With wide temperature ranges from 28 to 650° C / 82 to 1202° F, the MTC650 portable temperature calibrator facilitates correct readings on all of your temperature monitoring devices.

The MTC650 portable temperature calibrator is a fast, time-saving, cost effective calibrator designed specifically for the maritime industry. Maximize accuracy with a one year recommended calibration interval, or lower the cost of ownership of your temperature calibrator by extending the interval to three years! Reduce costs associated by recalibration and managing assets by 66%.

The MTC650 contains an innovative heating block profile, which heats up to 650° C /1202° F in only 18 minutes. The special heating profile minimizes mass and yet, still accepts an insertion tube with a 1 in (26 mm) outer diameter. It’s the perfect compromise between temperature stability, homogeneity, and rapid heating and cooling.

The MTC650 temperature calibrator also features an intuitive easy-to-use interface, and popular functions like automatic switch test and auto stepping are available with special one-key-one-function buttons. Colored safety icons make it quick and easy to detect a hot or cold calibrator helping to reduce injuries, while a stability icon and time estimator help user’s track the current status.

Access to the most commonly used functions, such as Set, Preset, Switch test and Auto step, is only one click away. An easy-to-read and very informative color display offers a full overview of the calibration task you are currently performing. The editable fields are marked in light blue. Navigating is fast and easy using arrow keys and the enter key.

• Temperature range from 28 to 650°C (82 to 1202°F)
• One Year Accuracy of ± 0.9°C and Stability to ± 0.1°C
• Three Year Accuracy to ± 1.8°C and Stability to ± 0.1°C
• Dry block calibrator
• Lightweight and easy to carry
• Multi-hole insert kits
• MVI circuitry ensures stability despite mains supply variations

  • Interchangeable inserts
  • Multi-hole insertion tubes
  • MVI Mains Variance Immunity
  • Automatic switch test
  • Multi information display
  • Safety banana bushings
  • Auto stepping
  • Stability indicator
  • Count down timer (shows when unit is stable)
  • Programmable maximum temperature
  • Fast simulation/training mode
  • Re-calibration from keyboard
  • RS232 and JOFRACAL calibration software
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Name: AMETEK Jofra MTC650 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator, 28 to 650ºC (82 to 1202°F)
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Name: AMETEK Jofra MTC650 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator, 28 to 650ºC (82 to 1202°F)
Quantity: 1
Cart Total: $5,943.00

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