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AMETEK Jofra ETC Series (ETC-125A/ ETC-400A) Dry-Block Temperature Calibrator, -10 to 400ºC

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The AMETEK ETC series (ETC-125A/ ETC-400A) is designed for tests and verifications of temperature sensing devices in the field. This instrument is ideal when time is a critical factor and the highest accuracy is not a requirement. Reduced size and weight are important considerations as the unit may fit into a toolbox or instrument carrying case, and can be used for sensors that are difficult to access. The ETC calibrator heats up by up to 100°C (212°F) per minute and completes a full dual-point test in less than 10 minutes, including stability time.

One-key-one-function user interface provides immediate access to setting the temperature and the auto-step time saving function. The stability indicator provides audible and visual prompts when the temperature is stable. This function also includes a 3-minute countdown before the stable condition. Stainless steel and rubber side panels make the instrument suitable for many years of faithful duty in an industrial environment.

Super fast heating - ETC-400 A dry-block
The ETC-400 A is designed for optimum speed. The heating block is built around a highly efficient heating element. The insertion holes for the temperature device under test are located around this element. To reduce mass and increase effectiveness, there is no removable insertion tube; the holes are drilled directly into the block. The minimal mass offers an extremely fast heating and cooling time. The different layouts also make it possible to use an external JOFRA STS reference probe during the calibration. Choose the combination of holes that best suits your needs from our various design combinations.

Cooling and heating - ETC-125 A dry-block
The ETC-125 A is a simple yet effective tool for verifying temperature instruments that also require references below ambient temperatures: e.g. air-conditioning and cold counters. The predrilled holes allow the use of an insertion tube in the largest bore. This increases the flexibility to match many sensor-under-test sizes.

ETC Series Models and temperature ranges:
ETC-125A -10 to 125°C (14 to 257°F)
ETC-400A 28 to 400°C (82 to 752°F)

  • Complete series of temperature
  • Multi-hole well design
  • RS232 and JOFRACAL calibration software
  • Multi information display
  • Auto stepping
  • Stability indicator
  • Count down timer (shows when unit is stable)
  • Programmable maximum temperature
  • Fast simulation/training mode
  • Re-calibration from keyboard
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Name: AMETEK Jofra ETC Series (ETC-125A/ ETC-400A) Dry-Block Temperature Calibrator, -10 to 400ºC
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Name: AMETEK Jofra ETC Series (ETC-125A/ ETC-400A) Dry-Block Temperature Calibrator, -10 to 400ºC
Quantity: 1
Cart Total: $2,692.00

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