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Temperature Calibrators

Temperature Calibrators

Temperature calibrators ensure the accuracy and reliability of temperature measuring devices. These calibrators perform a critical function: they provide an accurate and reproducible comparison between a test device (like a sensor, data logger, or thermometer) and a reference device that is already calibrated to known parameters. This process is crucial in environments like pharmaceutical storage and transport, where calibrated sensors are a regulatory requirement. The calibration process involves comparing temperature or humidity measurement rows of the reference device and the tested device, followed by necessary adjustments or replacements to meet the specifications​​.

About Our Temperature Calibrators

At Calright Instruments, our range of temperature calibrators is thoughtfully curated to address a wide spectrum of calibration needs. We offer advanced portable systems that integrate temperature dry-blocks with multifunction process calibrator technology, ideal for diverse applications. For fieldwork, we provide industrial temperature blocks that are not only portable but also support automated and paperless calibration processes.

Our temperature calibrators also feature high-accuracy reference sensors, ensuring stable and reliable calibration. The advanced field calibrators in our collection are equipped with features like RTD and thermocouple measurement and simulation, and have the capability to control temperature blocks for fully automated calibration of various temperature instruments.

Why Get Temperature Calibrators from Calright Instruments?

Our temperature calibrators, designed for both field and laboratory use, are capable of handling a wide range of calibration tasks with precision and ease. The versatility of our products, coupled with our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and technical support, makes us a reliable partner for all your temperature calibration requirements. Whether you need a portable solution for field use or a more robust system for laboratory applications, Calright Instruments offers the right temperature calibrators to ensure accurate and efficient temperature measurements.

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