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AMETEK Jofra HPC500 Handheld Pressure Calibrators, up to 10,000 PSI

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DISCONTINUED ITEM: Recommended Replacement: AMETEK Jofra HPC550EX Intrinsically Safe Handheld Pressure Calibrators, up to 10,000 PSI

Ametek JOFRA HPC500 calibrators feature deadweight tester accuracy in a modern digital package. The HPC is available as an independent calibrator or in one of 6 ready-for-test systems that are complete and equipped to meet any need for pressure calibration.

The HPC500 may be used in a very broad range of applications from simple tool type jobs to complex calibration jobs in custody transfer systems. The JOFRA HPC500 calibrators introduce a new generation of AMETEK handheld pressure calibrators. This series has been designed to meet high accuracy pressure calibration applications and faciliate your tasks. The HPC offers features such as user configurable information display, 15 different pressure units, transmitter supply, mA input, % error calculation, voltage measurement, serial communication, and external pressure module capability. The accuracy of the HPC500 calibrators is specified in % of reading to ensure an even better accuracy and wider applicable pressure range. The HPC is temperature compensated from 0 to 50ºC / 32 to 122ºF for on-site operation. It is a truly superior pressure calibrator for laboratory and field use, bringing laboratory accuracy into the field.

The Ametek JOFRA APM series of pressure modules extends the application base of the HPC calibrators by allowing calibrations in additional ranges. The APM modules are compatible with several other JOFRA calibrators. Calibration of the instrument may be performed locally without returning the HPC unit to the manufacturer. Adjustment software is part of the design - you just need an accurate pressure reference and a PC. If factory calibration is required, the pump and the calibrator are independent units and only the calibrator needs to be returned.

  • Wide pressure range16 pressure ranges, ranging from 25 mbar (0.35 psi) to 700 bar (10,000 psi) F.S. Absolute, differential and gauge sensors.
  • High accuracy±0.025% of reading +0.01% F.S.
  • True field calibratorFully temperature compensated
  • Single or dual sensor versionsSelect HPC500 single or HPC502 dual range calibrators and eliminate the need for 2 separate calibrators.
  • Full set of intelligent featuresWide selection of useful functions and features. Damping, leak test, % error calculation, min/max, switch test, etc.
  • ThermometerHigh accuracy thermometer, Pt100 sensor.
  • External Pressure ModulesMore than 35 different pressure modules, accuracy up to 0.01% F.S.
  • Oil & Gas Plants
  • Thermal / Nuclear / Hydro Power Stations
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • High pressure test benches
  • Research & Developments
  • Steel Plants
  • General Mechanical Engineering Industries
  • Rubber / Plastic Industries
  • Chemical Process Industries
  • Machine/Automobile Industries
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Name: AMETEK Jofra HPC500 Handheld Pressure Calibrators, up to 10,000 PSI
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Name: AMETEK Jofra HPC500 Handheld Pressure Calibrators, up to 10,000 PSI
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