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AMETEK Jofra APM-MKII Series Advanced Pressure Modules

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The APM Mk.II series of pressure modules are compatible with current AMC910, ASC300, ASC301 or HPC calibrators, and the former AMC900 and APC calibrators. The pressure model span across a wide pressure range and are available for all pressure types. From vacuum to absolute pressure, AMETEK covers any application with the pressure modules to meet your calibration needs.

These rugged modules are engineered for in-plant, field, or laboratory use. They are ready-to-use with the JOFRA calibrators and the protocol allows for immediate recognition and use of the module once it is connected to the calibrator.

The APM Mk.II is temperature compensated from 0 to 50°C / 32 to 122°F for on-site operation. It is a truly superior pressure module for laboratory and field use, bringing laboratory accuracy into the field. When combined with the calibrators and pump systems these modules makes powerful calibration tools. And, it is always possible to add modules as the calibration needs changes.

  • Accuracies to 0.025% RDG + 0.01 FS
    Performance to meet almost any calibration and measurement task.
  • RDG specification
    Wide range of pressure ranges, from 25 mbar to 700 bar (0.4 to 10,000 psi) Full Scale.
  • More pressure types
    Gauge, differential, absolute, and vacuum pressure modules available.
  • Rugged construction
    Cast aluminium housing. Engineered for rough field use, almost unbreakable.
  • Plug and pressurize
    JOFRA calibrators recognize the modules for ease of use, just plug it in.
  • Self contained intelligent module
    Calibration data are stored and processed inside the APM. Enabling use of the APM with any JOFRA calibrator, without initial calibration of the “system”. Calibration and traceability follows the module!
  • Compatible with your JOFRA
    The APM Mk.II modules are compatible with your AMC900, AMC910, ASC300, ASC301, APC or HPC500, HPC502 or HPC600 calibrators.
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