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AMETEK Jofra ASC300 Advanced Signal Calibrator

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DISCONTINUED- Replaced by the AMETEK Jofra ASC400 Advanced Signal Calibrator

The AMETEK Jofra ASC300 is substantial enough to cover all your needs for a process signal calibrator with superior accuracy and compact enough to fit into your tool box and operate with one hand for easy field calibration. The ASC300 can change your entire calibration regimen for signal, pressure, and temperature. You can combine this versatile calibrator with the JOFRA APM external pressure modules or a JOFRA dry-block calibrator to meet your calibration needs.

The JOFRA ASC300 offers simultaneous input and output. This means that you can calibrate and adjust a temperature transmitter on the table with no other necessary instruments. Output the sensor signal and input the mA from the transmitter. If you select mA Loop the JOFRA ASC300 will also supply the 24 VDC for the loop. In the display you will see both your output temperature and the return mA from the transmitter. Enter the zero and full scale values and you can make quick 25% steps or go direct to zero or full span values. The JOFRA ASC300 has dedicated keys for this operation so adjustment on the transmitter is made easier.

Temperature reading at reference level

The JOFRA ASC300 offers the possibility to characterize an RTD sensor. Use this feature to add a missing special curve or to characterize a reference RTD. If you choose a reference RTD from the JOFRA STS100 series of high accurate and stable temperature sensors, they will be delivered with a traceable calibration certificate including the necessary Van Dusen coefficients. Enter the figures into the JOFRA ASC300 and you have a temperature reference. Complement this with a JOFRA dry-block temperature calibrator and your JOFRA ASC300 becomes the heart of your portable calibration lab.

Calibration Software

JOFRACAL calibration software ensures easy calibration of RTD´s, thermocouples, transmitters, thermoswitches, pressure gauges and pressure switches. JOFRACAL software maybe used with the well-known JOFRA temperature calibrators as well as with JOFRA pressure and signal calibrators. Furthermore JOFRACAL functions as a stand-alone product.

  • Multi-function signal calibrator with high accuracy. Ideal for both field and maintenance shop use.
  • Input and output, RTD: 14 different types, TC: 13 different types, Current 0-24 mA DC, Voltage 0-20 V DC, Frequency 0 to 10 Khz, Pulse train output, Resistance 5 to 4000 Ohm
  • High level of protection with full fuseless protection to 240 VAC.
  • Simultaneous read-back including isolated read-back from device-under-test of mA, V, and pressure.
  • Fast RTD simulation this feature is fast enough to work with all pulsed transmitters.
  • Calibrate pressure using external pressure modules with accuracies up to 0.01% F.S.
  • Calibrate temperature using JOFRA dry-block calibrators with accuracies up to 0.04°C / 0.07°F.
  • Multi-information graphical display for simultaneous reading of both output and read-back.
  • Full remote control of all functions with the help of simple ASCII commands.
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