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Vaisala WMT52 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

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DISCONTINUED ITEM-Replacement Model: Vaisala WXT530 Series Weather Transmitter

The Vaisala WINDCAP® Ultrasonic Wind Sensor WMT52 incorporates decades of Vaisala experience in wind measurement using ultrasound to determine horizontal wind speed and direction. With no moving parts, the WMT52 has high sensitivity as the measurement time constant and starting threshold are virtually zero. This makes it superior to the conventional mechanical wind sensors. The WMT52 is designed to operate without periodic field calibration and maintenance.

Easy to Install
The WMT52 is delivered fully assembled and configured from the factory. With the Vaisala Configuration Software Tool you can change the settings, such as averaging times, output mode, update intervals, measured variables and message contents.
The WMT52 can be mounted either on top of a pole mast or on a cross arm.

When using the optional mounting kit, the north alignment needs to be performed only once.

The optional heating available in the WMT52 assists measurements in the freezing weather conditions and during snowfall.

As the heating circuit is independent of the operational power, separate supplies can be used. Heating is switched on automatically at low temperatures, well before the freezing point.

Low Power Consumption
The WMT52 has very low power consumption; during the idle mode the device typically consumes about 2 ... 3 mW.


  • Measures horizontal wind speed and wind direction
  • Triangular design ensures excellent data availability
  • No moving parts
  • Maintenance-free
  • Optional heating available
  • Compact, durable and robust
  • Low power consumption
  • Housing with mounting kit IP66
  • Applications: marine, wind energy, environmental monitoring

The WMT52 is ideal for use in marine applications as the housing with the mounting kit is water resistant. The WMT52 is also suitable for wind energy and environmental monitoring, for example, for measuring the distribution of air pollution and road tunnel ventilation.

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