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UEi ATL301KIT Test Lead Kit

condition: Brand NewPart #: UE-ATL301KITAvailability: Ships within 5-7 days
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ATL301KIT offers a collection of probes designed to offer both safety and convenience. Included are a set of straight to right angle standard test leads, two fine point leads, a pair of alligator clips, and grabber clips.

This combination of leads offers a variety of solutions to match the challenges faced on a day-to-day basis. Packaged together in a convenient carrying pouch, helps keep them organized and easily accessible.

Works with DL489, DL429, DL429B, DL419, DL389, DL379B, DL479, DL469, DM505, DM515, DM525, DM393, UTL291, UTLDM1, UTLDM2, UTL33T

• Universal straight/ right angle test lead extensions (ATLTX)
• Insulated fine point tip leads (ATL1)
• Large jaw alligator clips (ATL2)
• Remote grabber clips (ATL3)
• Convenient carrying pouch (AC12)

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Name: UEi ATL301KIT Test Lead Kit
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Name: UEi ATL301KIT Test Lead Kit
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