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Shimpo FGS-250PVL / M / H Motorized Test Stand (500 lb capacity)

condition: Brand NewPart #: SH-FGS-250PVMAvailability: Out of StockInfo Message: DISCONTINUED ITEM
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DISCONTINUED ITEM-Recommended Replacement: Shimpo FGS-220VC Motorized Test Stand (220 lb capacity)

Shimpo’s newest line of 500 Lb. motorized test stands provide multiple user-friendly features, including fully programmable force, travel, distance, speed, cycling and dwell times. The stand can actually move a set distance from the point at which a force is detected! Due to its extended travel range, the stand can accomodate large samples and long travel requirements; the all steel construction provides reliability under harsh testing conditions. Offering stability and precision for the laboratory environment and ruggedness for shop floor testing, these stands are perfect for all testing applications.

  • User programmable set points: speed, distance, stop time: Permit custom, automated testing
  • Zero load and displacement programmable: Allows user to set distance from when force is first detected
  • High and low force settings: Permit non-destructive testing
  • Programmable cycling: Run a predetermined number of cycles and/or cycle between force setpoints
  • 31 inches of travel: Enables testing of large samples or applications requiring extremely long travel ranges
  • Compatibility with nearly all manufacturer’s gauges: Enables flexibility in testing applications
  • Gauge overload protection: Prevents downtime waiting for repair
  • RS232 and analog distance outputs: Allow graphing and analysis of data
  • High, standard, and low speed models available: For rapid and precise testing applications
  • Manually adjustable upper and lower distance limits: Restricts movement for precise testing
  • All steel construction: Solid design contributes to precision movement
  • English and metric units of measure: Adaptability to all testing requirements
  • One year warranty: Peace of mind
  • Capacity: 500lb (250kg, 2,500N)
  • Stroke: 31.10″ (790 mm)
  • FGS-250PVL Travel Speed: 0.49 – 4.92″/min (12.5 – 125 mm/min)
  • FGS-250PVM Travel Speed: 1.97 – 19.70″/min (50 – 500 mm/min)
  • FGS-250PVH Travel Speed: 5.12 – 49.23”/min (130 – 1250 mm/min)
  • Display: Four digit LED, 0.41″ high (10.5 mm), test stand can change english to metric
  • Operating Mode: MANU, JOG, SING, CONT, PROG
  • Communication: Sensor : FGV, FGV-H, DFS, DRI (Remote Load Cell) To PC : RS-232C (Baud rate: 9600bps, data length: 8bit, stop bit: 1bit, parity: none)
  • Deflection: 0.033″ (0.85mm) at max. capacity
  • Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 14.57″ (370 mm) x 50.41″ (1280 mm) x 20.48″ (520 mm)
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Name: Shimpo FGS-250PVL / M / H Motorized Test Stand (500 lb capacity)
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Name: Shimpo FGS-250PVL / M / H Motorized Test Stand (500 lb capacity)
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