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Shimpo FGS-1000H Manual Test Stand (1000 lb Capacity)

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Price $3,500.00

Shimpo introduces its NEW 1000 lbs (2500N, 500KG) capacity manual test stand.

Designed for convenient testing in both TENSION and COMPRESSION, the FGS-1000H is easy to set-up and operate.

With its ability to mount the Shimpo JAVELIN, FGV-1000HX (1000 lbs, 2500N, 500KG) capacity digital force gauge, this system is a great fit for most force testing applications.

A highly accurate turn-wheel gives a precise 0.1" travel per revolution. In addition, it’s rigged and rugged construction provides repeatable and reliable testing, time after time. The FGS-1000H features fully adjustable height ranges, customizable lengths (for different sample sizes) and the option to add a length/height meter.

With counter sunk (force gauge) mounting holes, a self aligning, pre-tapped sliding sample base plate, the FGS-1000H provides a welcome alternative to utilizing existing force gauges, grips attachments and accessories.

FGS-1000H users can also use all existing ranges of Shimpo FGE/FGV-X and the new Dart 2.0 FGV-0.5 up to FGV-200XY (0.5 lbs to 200 lbs)! In addition, it will also fit other manufacturers force gauges.

  • Adjustable range to 13″: Ideal for different size tests (samples)
  • Precision made 1,000 lb. capacity hand wheel: High capacity,with smooth control
  • 6″ diameter capacity: 6″ sample platform provides wide sample stage
  • 6″ stroke: Full length stroke for large samples
  • .1″ travel per hand wheel revolution: Maintain precise control under full load
  • Base adapter block to hold accessories: Compatible with M4, M6, M10, 5/16 – 18, & 10 – 32 threads
  • Flexible Force gauge mounting
  • Compatible with: Shimpo FGV-HX and FGE/FGV-XY and other manufacturers force gauges
  • Capacity: 500Kg (1,000lbs.)
  • Adjustable range: up to 13”
  • Sample platform: 6” diameter
  • Full length stroke: 6” stroke
  • Hand wheel travel speed: 0.1” per revolution
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Name: Shimpo FGS-1000H Manual Test Stand (1000 lb Capacity)
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Name: Shimpo FGS-1000H Manual Test Stand (1000 lb Capacity)
Quantity: 1
Cart Total: $3,500.00

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