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Shimpo DT-315A / DT-315AEB Heavy-Duty Digital Stroboscope, 40 - 35,000 FPM

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DISCONTINUED ITEM-Recommended Replacement: Shimpo DT-3015N Portable Stroboscope with Rechargeable Battery, 40 - 35,000 FPM

Shimpo DT-315A

The microprocessor-controlled DT-315A possesses the same great features of the DT-311A with the added convenience of total portability via its own internal power supply with up to one hour of full time, high intensity flash rate. Powered by rechargeable batteries located inside its rugged aluminum housing, the DT-315A also performs as an AC line-powered strobe when plugged into its standard AC adapter/charger unit. One year warranty.

Shimpo DT-315AEB 

A truly portable unit, the DT-315AEB operates independent of line power via an exterior battery pack that can be carried with a convenient shoulder harness or set down to allow the operator full movement for visual inspection. When fully charged, rechargeable batteries power the strobe for approximately four continuous hours. The DT-315AEB also incorporates the same impressive features as our DT-311A and DT-315A strobes. One year warranty.


  • Extruded aluminum construction: Exceptional durability
  • DT-315A – Internal battery supply: Allows 4 hours of continuous duty on 1 charge
  • DT-315AEB – External battery supply: Lightweight; enables easy portability
  • Continuous duty cycle: Prevents downtime waiting for unit to cool
  • Phase shift (in degrees of delay time): Enables observer to focus on one particular area of rotating and/or reciprocating machinery
  • Repeatable accuracy (± 0.01% of reading): Provides reliable measurement results
  • Microprocessor-controlled: Assures stability in changing temperature environments
  • External trigger: Unit is automatically synchronized with equipment
  • Synchronous output: Enables unit to drive other strobes
  • Flash timer control: Extends flash tube life
  • Highly polished focused reflector: Eliminates “blind” viewing areas
  • Manual flash controller knob: Permits easy/accurate adjustments to flash rate
  • Fast recharge cycle: Minimizes downtime to only 2 hours
  • DT-315A Standard Accessories: Fast Charger
  • DT-315AEB Standard Accessories: External battery pack with charger
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Name: Shimpo DT-315A / DT-315AEB Heavy-Duty Digital Stroboscope, 40 - 35,000 FPM
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Name: Shimpo DT-315A / DT-315AEB Heavy-Duty Digital Stroboscope, 40 - 35,000 FPM
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