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Mountz TALS Wireless Torque Wrenches

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DISCONTINUED ITEM-Replacement Models Available: Torque Wrenches

The revolutionary TALS wireless torque wrench system not only frees assembly workers from restrictive cables, but also offers multiple channel and tool tracking capability in a single unit. The TALS wireless torque wrench system is ideal for monitoring the production line and assist manufacturers with detecting and eliminating costly screw-fastening errors during the assembly process.

  • Wireless torque application monitoring system designed to send signal to an external monitoring device when a preset torque has been applied.
  • Use TALS as on-line monitoring of critical fasteners in a production line to ensure the line will only move when the required number of fastening operations have been confirmed.
  • Two way communication between the wrench and user interface box, plus remote antennae; can be positioned close to the production area and provide reliable signal.
  • Wireless Torque Wrench works without the hassle of cables and deliver accurate torque.
  • Perfect for remote switching, counting, batching, production line control, auditing, and monitoring.
  • RS-232 interface to download readings and wrench data for easy SPC analysis and quality control documents.
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Name: Mountz TALS Wireless Torque Wrenches
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