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Mountz Dial Torque Wrench

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DISCONTINUED ITEM- Available Models: Torque Wrenches

A dial torque wrench is typically used as a quality control instrument to verify or monitor torque. The dial torque wrench can be used for joint testing, auditing or verification of torque applied. Designed for R&D, Quality Control, a lab, and maintenance or production areas the dial torque wrench captures the finishing torque applied to a fastener with a memory pointer. The wrench is designed with a recessed dial, which minimizes damage to the dial display. Featuring a lightweight aluminum handle the durable wrench is non-length dependent.

  • For controlled screw tightening and torque measurements.
  • Non-length dependent.
  • Dual scale in American and S.I. units. Single scale models are available upon request.
  • Fine main and memory pointers provide accurate readings.
  • Exclusive built-in ratchet mechanism.
  • Standard double-ended spindle ratchet mechanism allows for left handed torque applications.
  • EDS models fitted fixed double-end square drive.
  • Single-end spindles available upon request.
  • Lightweight aluminum handle (w/non-slip grip) for improved balance. Scuff-resistant non-slip finish.
  • Quality constructed for accuracy and reliability with an attractive abrasive resistant finish for longer life and ease in identification.
  • Mechanical stop provides overload protection to 125% of full scale.
  • Recessed dial minimizes dial breakage.
  • Models serial number labeled for instant identification and traceability.
  • Torque indicating signal light – standard on CDS, DDS and EDS models. Optional on certain ADS and BDS models.
  • ADS models are ESD compliant (IEC 61340-5-1:1998).
    BDS, CDS, DDS and EDS models are available in ESD upon request
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