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Mensor CPC2000 Portable Low Pressure Controller

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Mensor CPC2000 Portable Low Pressure Controller

The main applications for this instrument are within the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, filtration, clean-room, and medical industries, either as high-accuracy, precise pressure measuring instruments or for calibration.

The CPC2000 is a mains or battery powered pressure controller with automatic, internal pressure generation and pressure reference. The pressure supply comes from an integrated, electric pump, which provides both positive and negative pressure respectively to the two hose connectors. Each time the instrument is powered up, an automatic zeropoint adjustment is carried out, so that subsequent measurements are not affected by zero drift. Each subsequent calibration needs only the minimum of setting up. First, using the MENU key, one of the stored pressure units and adjustable the pressure step size between 0 ... 50 % is selected. Then, once the end value has been entered in the control mode, the pressure can be easily increased or decreased by the defined pressure step size using the navigation keys. To check whether the calibration assembly and/or the test item has a leak, the LEAK key can be used. With this, the pressure is locked in the test assembly and any subsequent decrease in pressure which occurs is measured and indicated along with the decay time.

Digital Interface
The equipment has an USB and RS-232 interface, enabling communication and data exchange with a PC.

Calibration Certificate
The accuracy of the instrument is certified by a works calibration certificate. If required, a DKD/DAkkS calibration certificate, from our own DKD/DAkkS laboratory, can also be provided for the instrument.

  • Mobile calibration of low-pressure measuring instruments
  • Generation of very low positive or negative pressures
  • Accurate measurement of small gauge or differential pressures
  • Pressure ranges: from 1 mbar up to 1000 mbar
  • User selectable engineering units: Pa, kPa, hPa, bar, mbar, psi, inH2O, inHg, mmHg, Torr
  • Accuracy: up to 0.1%
  • Integrated, automatic pressure generation
  • Portable; no extrenal power supply necessary
  • Integrated high efficient battery pack
  • Pressure steps can be easily defined
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