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Kikusui TOS9302 AC Hipot Tester with Ground Bond Test, 5 kV

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The TOS9302 AC Hipot Tester is a high performance electrical safety analyzer that complies to a wide range of universal standards. Both AC Hipot and ground bond can be tested.

Color LCD Screen for Improved Visibility

A brand-new 7-inch LCD display allows for easy access to your custom settings, standard outlines and blueprints for easy operation

AC Hipot Testing with Stable Output (Input Voltage Variation: ±0.3%)

Conventional hipot testers utilize a slide transformer to output AC line voltage. This design is susceptible to input voltage fluctuation, with outside electrical influence affecting the test results. This can result in distorted voltage being applied to the EUT which can cause product malfunctions down the line due to component malfunction. The TOS9300 series utilizes a highly efficient PWM amplifier capable of stable high-voltage output that is unaffected by changes in the AC power line. The TOS9300 series allows for safe, stable, and highly reliable tests regardless of AC power line instability.

Automatic Testing Feature

Tests can be combined and configured to execute automatically over long periods of time. Automatic tests are composed of programs and steps, which can be configured to initiate one after another.

  • Max output-voltage of AC hipot testing: 5kV / 100mA(500VA)
  • Measurement range of ground bond testing: 0.001M Ω to 0.600G Ω (3.0A to 42.0A)
  • Rise-time control / Fall-time control function
  • Output voltage and panel settings are controlled through LAN / USB / RS-232C.
  • User-Friendly 10 Key Configuration
  • Easy Firmware Updates via USB
  • LAN/USB/RS232C Standard Digital Interface
  • I/V Monitor Terminal (Analog Monitor)
  • STATUS OUT Connector
  • SIGNAL I/O Connector
  • High Precision/High Resolution/High Speed
  • Programmable Detection Response Speed
  • 7.2 kV/100 W DC Hipot Test
  • Positive Electrode/Negative Electrode Insulation Resistance Testing
  • Electric Discharge Function
  • AC/DC Earth Continuity Testing up to 40 A
  • EARTH FAULT Protection
  • Offset Cancel
  • Basic Memory Function
  • Calibration Deadline Notification
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Name: Kikusui TOS9302 AC Hipot Tester with Ground Bond Test, 5 kV
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Name: Kikusui TOS9302 AC Hipot Tester with Ground Bond Test, 5 kV
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