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Hioki SM-8216 Super Megohm Meter: 1000V, 2x10^13 Ohm

Part #: HI-SM-8216Availability: Out of StockInfo Message: DISCONTINUED ITEM
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DISCONTINUED ITEM-Recommended Replacement: Hioki SM-8215 Super Megohm Meter: 1000V, 2 x 10^13 Ohm

Analog meter system measures up to 2 × 1013 Ohm. The SM-8216 is an analog super megohmmeter that is unique in the series. For safety considerations, Interlock(HVEN) is included as a standard feature.

  • Charge, discharge and HV-EN functions are included as standard features
  • Functions expandable by options
  • A broad selection of electrodes support measuring a wide variety of objects
  • Meas. range : 10 – 1,000V DC (7 ranges)
  • Meas. range : 0.05 – 2 x 107M-Ohm(6 ranges)
  • Analogue display, 10 – 1,000V DC
  • Compatible with insulation resistive meter for export approved products
  • Equipped with charge-discharge function (standard spec)
  • Equipped with HV-EN function (standard spec)
  • Alarm system available as option
  • Standard accessories: measuring rod(red & black) 1 pair, power cord 1pc., instruction manual 1 copy
Measuring Voltage & Measuring Range 10V 5×104 to 2×1011Ω
25V 1.25×105 to 5×1011Ω
50V 2.5×105 to 1×1012Ω
100V 5×105 to 1×1012Ω
250V 1.25×106 to 5×1012Ω
500V 2.5×106 to 1×1013Ω
1,000V 5×106 to 1×1013Ω
Accuracy of Measuring Voltage ± 3% of setting voltage value
Output Current Max. 2mA
Measuring Accuracy ± 10% (within 10 times range of min. value on each range at 20°C ), but ± 20% at 108range of SM-8220
Display analog meter
Standard Function HV-EN
Ambient Temperature 0 to 40°C
Ambient Humidity less than 85%RH
Power Source 100V, 120V, 220V, 240VAC ±10%, but max. 250VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption approx.20VA
Dimensions, mass approx.280(w) x 190(h) x 222(d) mm
Weight approx.5kgs
Supplied  Accessories measuring rod(red & black) 1 pair, power code 1pc., instruction manual
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Name: Hioki SM-8216 Super Megohm Meter: 1000V, 2x10^13 Ohm
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Name: Hioki SM-8216 Super Megohm Meter: 1000V, 2x10^13 Ohm
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