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Hioki MR8875 Memory HiCorder

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The MR8875 designed for use in applications such as onboard testing of automobiles and other vehicles, and maintenance and management of manufacturing equipment. Its screen combines a high-resolution, super-bright 8.4-inch TFT color LCD with touch panel for intuitive operation, dramatically improving the convenience of work in the field. Reflecting the thought given by designers to ease of use in automobile driving tests, the instrument complies with JIS automobile vibration standards, and multiple available plug-in input modules can be combined to accommodate the needs of various measurement applications.

The instrument can also be powered by a car battery, allowing data to be recorded without regard to location, and it provides interfaces for a variety of recording media, combining real-time, long-term recording capability using an SD memory card with standard LAN and USB ports.

Note: Main unit MR8875 cannot operate alone. You must install one or more optional input modules and purchase the cords appropriate for your application separately.

  • Save directly to the SD Card in real time
  • Measure everything from physical voltage and temperature levels to CAN signals for vehicle development with mix-and-match plug-in modules across multiple channels
  • Intuitive touch screen for optimal operability
  • Tough against vibrations and extreme temperatures, with strengthened body ideal for in-vehicle testing and road tests
  • Small enough to hold with one hand
  • 3 power supply options

Note: Main unit MR8875 cannot operate alone. You must install one or more optional input modules and purchase the cords appropriate for your application separately.

  • Recording of automobile driving data
  • Analysis of rail car problems
  • Recording of operating waveforms for brakes and other hydraulic equipment
  • Maintenance of production equipment
Number of Input Units Up to 4 slots
Number of Channels Max. 16 analog channels (Max. 60 channels when using the MR8902) + standard 8 logic channels + 2 pulse channels
Note: For analog units, channels are isolated from each other and from the MR8875’s GND. For CAN unit ports or standard logic terminals or standard pulse terminals, all channels have common GND.
Measurement Ranges

(20 div full-scale)

5 mV to 10 V/div, 11 ranges, resolution : 1/1250 of range (when using the MR8901)
Max Rated Voltage Between terminals: 150V DC
Between terminal to earth: 100V AC, DC (when using the MR8901)
Frequency Characteristics DC to 100 kHz (-3dB, when using the MR8901)
Time Axis


200 µs to 5 min/div, 21 ranges, sampling period: 1/100 of range, External sampling possible
Max Sampling Rate [When using MR8901] 500 kS/second (2 μs period, all channels simultaneously)
[When using MR8902] 10 msec (all input channels are scanned at high speed during every recording interval)
[When using MR8903] 200 kS/second (5 μs period, all channels simultaneously)
External sampling: 200 kS/second (5 μs period)
Measurement Functions High-speed function (high speed recording), Real-time calculation between channels, FFT calculation, or other functions
Storage Memory Capacity Total 32 M-words (memory expansion: n/a, 8 MW each input unit)
Note: 1 word = 2 bytes, therefore 32 Mega-words = 64 Mega-bytes.
Note: Storage memory can be allocated depending on the number of channels used at each input unit
Removable Storage SD Card slot × 1, USB 2.0 memory
Display Touch-panel operation 8.4-inch SVGA-TFT color LCD (800 × 600 dots)
Communication Interfaces LAN: 100BASE-TX (DHCP, DNS supported, FTP server/ client, WEB server, send E-mail, command control)
USB: USB2.0 compliant, series mini-B receptacle ×1 (setting / measure with communication command, or file transfer SD card to PC), series A receptacle ×2 (USB memory, USB mouse/ key-board)
Power Supply 1) AC ADAPTER Z1002: 100 to 240 V AC (50/60 Hz), 56 VA
2) BATTERY PACK Z1003: 7.2 V DC, 36 VA, continuous operation times: 1 hour with back light ON (AC adapter has priority when used in combination with battery pack), Charges while installed in the MR8875, recharging time: 3 hours
3) External DC Power: 10 to 28 V DC, 56 VA, (please contact your HIOKI distributor for connection cord)
Dimensions, mass 298 mm (11.73 in) W × 224 mm (8.82 in) H × 84 mm (3.31 in) D, 2.4 kg (84.7 oz),(excluding input units and the BATTERY PACK Z1003)
Reference data: 3.47 kg/ 122.4 oz (including the MR8901 ×4 units and the BATTERY PACK Z1003)
Supplied  Accessories Instruction Manual ×1, Measurement Guide ×1, AC ADAPTER Z1002 ×1, Protection sheet ×1, USB cable ×1, Shoulder Strap ×1, Application Disk (WaveViewer Wv, communication commands table, CAN Editor) ×1
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