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Hioki IR4016-20 Analog Megaohm HiTester Series

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The IR4016-20, IR4017-20, and IR4018-20 ANALOG Megaohm HiTESTERs are single-range megaohm meters designed to improve work efficiency in the field. A sliding cover provides convenient test lead storage, addressing an aspect of meter operation that has been troublesome with conventional designs, while a brightly illuminated meter aids work in dark environments. All three meters’ compliance with the EN 61557-1 and 61557-2 standards makes them ideal for testing electrical facilities and equipment in buildings.

  • Integrated storage with sliding cover
    -The ability to store test leads without first detaching them and access them easily by means of a sliding cover reduce setup and cleanup time.
  • Brightly illuminated scale
    -A high-brightness white LED located at the bottom right of the scale illuminates the entire display, ensuring that the scale is just as visible in dark workplaces as in well-lit locations.
  • Handy on/off switch and illumination -The optional TEST LEAD WITH REMOTE CONTROL SWITCH 9788 allows the instrument to be operated by means of a handy MEASURE button that glows red when pressed to ensure safety. The 9788’s tip also incorporates a white LED light, making it ideal for use in dark locations. The LED light on the tip illuminates when the instrument’s LIGHT button is pressed.
  • Live wire warning indicator-An integrated live wire warning indicator consisting of a red LED alerts the operator when a dangerous voltage exists between the measurement terminals. The MEASURE button on optional TEST LEAD WITH REMOTE CONTROL SWITCH 9788 is linked to the instrument’s live wire warning indicator and glows red at the same time.
  • Long pins
    -The pins on the tips of the test leads are 35 mm long, allowing testing of most circuit breakers without the need to remove terminal covers. With the exception of the first 16 mm from the tip, the pins are coated with plastic to protect against short-circuits. Additionally, the pins are thin enough to be inserted into electrical outlets.
  • Three-model lineup
    -The IR4000 Series is available in three variants: 500V/100MOhm, 500V/1,000MOhm, and 1,000V/2,000MOhm. Users can select from models that are ideally suited to testing components including low voltage distribution systems, motors, transformers, and cables.
  • Continuous monitoring of battery voltage
    -An LED indicator continuously monitors battery voltage, eliminating the need to check the battery status as with conventional meter designs and providing a warning when the remaining battery charge runs low during testing. The LED color indicates the battery voltage: green for high and red for low. The LED turns off when there is no battery charge remaining.
  • Broad temperature and humidity range-The IR4000 Series can be used in environments ranging from 0°C to 50°C, making it compatible with use in hot locales.
Testing Voltage IR4016-20: 500 V DC

IR4017-20: 500 V DC

IR4018-20: 1000 V DC

Rated Resistance IR4016-20: 100 MΩ

IR4017-20: 1000 MΩ

IR4018-20: 2000 MΩ


1st Effective Measuring Range

±5 % of indicated value

IR4016-20: 0.1 to 50 MΩ

IR4017-20: 1 to 500 MΩ

IR4018-20: 2 to 1000 MΩ

Lower Limit Resistance 0.5 MΩ (measurement resistance value to be maintained testing voltage)

IR4018-20: 1 MΩ (measurement resistance value to be maintained testing voltage)

Overload Protection 600 V AC (10 sec.)

IR4018-20: 1200 V AC (10 sec.)

AC Voltage Measurement 0 to 600 V (50/60 Hz), ±5 % of maximum scale value accuracy, 500 kΩ or more input resistance
Other Functions Bright LED luminous scale, Drop proof (on concrete, 1 m/1 time), Battery check, Live circuit check, Auto discharge
Power Supply LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries ×4, Continuous use: 15 hours (at 500 V range, no load)
Dimensions, mass 159 mm (6.26 in)W × 177 mm (6.97 in)H × 53 mm (2.09 in)D, 610 g (21.5 oz), (including battery, not including test lead)
Supplied  Accessories TEST LEAD L9787×1, Instruction Manual×1, LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries×4, Shoulder strap×1
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