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Megohmmeters/ Insulation Testers

Megohmmeters/ Insulation Testers

The Megohmmeter, or Megger, is a measuring device that tests high electrical resistances. Typically these measurements are made on electrical wires and motor windings to test the insulation value of the wires. In order to read such a high resistance value the meter must be capable of generating a very high voltage.

Important specifications for megohmmeters include DC output voltage, DC output current, current leakage rate, resistance range, and test time. The type of electrical safety test determines the level of voltage or current that is supplied. For example, hipot testing usually produces very high voltage outputs and very low current outputs. Current leakage, another important specification for megohmmeter, is the rate at which current flows through a ground conductor and is borne away safely. Resistance range measures a material’s opposition to the flow of electric current. Test time is the time required to complete the test.

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