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Hal Technology HPC601 Handheld Particle Counter, 6-Channel

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The HAL-HPC601, replacing the popular but obsolete HPC600, is a completely new designed, integrated with the state-of-art technology, handheld laser particle counter. The stylish design of HPC601 features easy-clean and durable stainless enclosure particularly suitable in ultra clean environment.

Because of its low-cost, versatility, and affordability, it can also be used for indoor/outdoor air quality (IAQ) applications. The display has adjustable color scheme and everything-at-a-glance user interface. The settings of measurement parameters as well as results displayed in total counts, number concentration or/and mass concentration as well as PM values and material (particle type) correction (new features for IAQ application) are all controlled and realized by an internal microprocessor (MCU). The HPC601 simultaneously measures six different particle sizes that are configurable by the user. The data stored on board may be printed or downloaded through either a USB or Bluetooth wireless interface to a smart phone, a tablet or a computer.

The HAL-HPC601 is manufactured in the USA and is in compliance with the international standards (JIS B 9925:1997 and ISO21501 and ISO14644-1) and CE certified. It is very unique compared to any other manufacturers in the market. It features high sensitivity, multiple functional capabilities and extended battery operating time. It is compact, slim, and lightweight. The improved side-access ports, three-position stand, and tripod mountable makes it very user friendly.

  • Simultaneously measures 6 user configurable particle sizes
  • Counting modes with cumulative/differential/ concentration
  • Auto delay, repeat timer
  • Mass concentration and PM value option
  • Over 7500 data sets of internal memory
  • Excess-count/standard-limit warning
  • USB and Bluetooth interface for data downloading or print
  • External digital temperature, humidity and pressure probe option
  • Window XP/7/8/10 compatible
  • Clean environment monitoring
  • Indoor/outdoor air quality
  • Test/Check filter seal and efficiency
  • Trace contamination source
  • Analysis of particle size distribution
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Name: Hal Technology HPC601 Handheld Particle Counter, 6-Channel
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Name: Hal Technology HPC601 Handheld Particle Counter, 6-Channel
Quantity: 1
Cart Total: $2,995.00

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