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Particle Counters/ Monitors

Particle Counters/ Monitors

Particle Counters are commonly used to determine the air quality by counting and sizing the number of particles in the air. This information is often used to determine the amount of pollutants inside a building or in the ambient air. A particle counter is most useful when monitoring the cleanliness level in a controlled environment such as a laboratory cleanroom for manufacturing and R&D work.

We carry particle counters for all of your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Cleanroom testing applications.

Choose from portable handheld laser particle counters to custom particle counter systems for your specific industry application.

We work with the manufacturers to ensure you select the right product for your particle measuring application as well as receive the after sales technical support you may need in the future.

Cleanrooms: Pharmaceutical and Semiconductor • IAQ Investigations • Food Industry • Filter Testing • HVAC • Aerospace Industry • Hospital Surgical Rooms • Paint Spray Booths

If you need assistance selecting or configuring a portable particle counter or would like information on a custom installed particle counter system for your application please contact us toll free 1.866.363.6634 or email us at [email protected].

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