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Casella CEL-620 Series Integrating Sound Level Meters and Real Time Analyzers

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Many industrial measurements of complex noises require a complete knowledge of the variable noise level climate over a period of time. The CEL-620 sound level meters are designed to satisfy this need and to enhance it by providing the capture and display of the highest maximum level and the lowest minimum level together with the integrated time average level.

A super wide 140 dB dynamic range means that the user does not need to worry about changing scales as it will always be on the right scale. The provision of all the popular frequency and time weightings allow many different measurements to be taken by new and experienced users alike. The full-color, high-precision, graphic LCD enhances the user experience with this new meter.

The all new CEL-620 sound level meters feature a large 240 x 320 pixel full color graphic display that helps the user interpret the changing noise climate and measure it correctly. All of the popular noise parameters are measured and stored (model dependant) such as current sound level, maximum, minimum, time average, peak and TWA (with optional threshold). Careful design and use of the modern DSP technology allow for the simultaneous capture of these sound parameters with A, C and Z frequency weightings, Slow, Fast and Impulse time responses over a full 120 dB dynamic range.

The CEL-620 models feature data storage for the collection of overall run summary data plus statistical LN% values in the CEL-621 models. When connected to a computer the instrument appears as a mass storage device and can be accessed as if it were a USB thumb drive, This allows the measurement data to be easily transferred to popular spreadsheets or other office documents with out the need for proprietary software.

  • Available as ANSI Type 1 or type 2 versions depending on microphone capsule fitted
  • Available in A, B or C version depending on bandwidth of filters fitted to instrument
  • A version meter is broadband only
  • B version of meter is broadband and octaves
  • C version of meter is broadband, octaves and third octaves
  • 20 to 140 dB single measurement range as standard
  • A, C and Z (Linear) frequency weightings (simultaneously)
  • Fast, Slow and Impulse time weightings (simultaneously)
  • Q=3, 4 and 5 exchange rates (simultaneously)
  • Measures instant, maximum and minimum levels
  • Measures Leq, Lavg(DOD), Lavg(OSHA)
  • Manual measurements using intuitive menus
  • Full color high resolution LCD screen for maximum clarity
  • Numerical and graphical presentation of overall noise levels
  • Storage of up to 100 runs in memory with all results saved for every run
  • Instrument memory is seen as a standard disc drive by computer so no special software is required to access instrument
  • Runs are seen in memory as text files and can be easily imported into standard office programs such as word processors and spreadsheets
  • Provided with wrist strap and small foam windscreen as standard accessories
  • Basic noise surveys
  • Machinery measurements
  • Selection of hearing protection
  • Basic noise control measurements
  • Workplace noise surveys for compliance measurements
  • Noise mapping applications
  • General purpose noise measurements
  • Community noise nuisance measurements with CEL-621
  • Transportation noise sources
  • Heating and ventilation noise sources
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Name: Casella CEL-620 Series Integrating Sound Level Meters and Real Time Analyzers
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Name: Casella CEL-620 Series Integrating Sound Level Meters and Real Time Analyzers
Quantity: 1
Cart Total: $1,885.00

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