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Casella CEL-320 Noise Dosimeter/ Sound Meter

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The CEL-320 Noise dosimeter is a low cost simple to use instrument specifically designed for monitoring the noise exposure of an individual at work.  Many different worldwide measurement protocols are currently in operation and the CEL-320 dosimeter is able to satisfy them all using built-in setups. Simply select the setup required for the measurement, press the run button and the instrument takes care of all the rest for you.

Every CEL-320 noise dosimeter comes with the CEL-6702 (dB10) Windows software package that allows the user to customize the instrument to take account of special circumstances or for special measurement require-ments. It is possible to turn off the functions that are not needed from a run to simplify operation and avoid later confusion.

The CEL software package (dB10) currently supplied with each unit allows for the overall results from runs to be downloaded one at a time or in batches to the hard disk. Runs may be archived after the details of the wearer have been added and saved along with any specific notes about the conditions during the run.

Run data may be recalled to the customized LCD screen using the intuitive keypad or the instrument can be connected to a standard office printer and output as a single pre-formatted page. This printout shows all the relevant information about the run including the calibration details before and after the measurement has taken place.

  • Light weight and rugged
  • Pre programmed with the most important setups
  • Make OSHA, MSHA, DoD, ACGIH style measurements by simple selection from menu
  • Configure the dosimeter for specific measurements if needed
  • Calculate the overall results for up to 50 separate runs
  • Store % noise dose, 8 hour projected dose, max, min, peak and average levels
  • Two thresholds and single criterion level

Whenever simple straight-forward noise measurements are required on individuals at work the CEL-320 is ready to go. By default, the instrument starts with the most popular OSHA measurement setup with all the correct parameters such as the A frequency and Slow time weighting already selected. The 5 dB exchange rate and 90 dB criterion level are programmed into the unit so it is only required to switch the meter on, perform an acoustic field calibration and start the run. The instrument takes care of everything else.

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