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B&K Precision 4076 Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generator, 50 MHz

Part #: BK-4076Availability: Out of StockInfo Message: DISCONTINUED ITEM
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DISCONTINUED ITEM-Recommended Replacement: B&K Precision 4063B Dual Channel Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 80 MHz

Models 4076 and 4079 are versatile high performance dual channel function / arbitrary waveform generators with the largest arbitrary memory depth in its class. The generators combines the ability to produce nearly any conceivable arbitrary waveform with accuracy and precision and a DDS architecture offering easy to use conventional function generator capabilities. Arbitrary waveforms have 14 bit amplitude resolution, 125 MSa/s sample rate and up to 4 million points of length. Waveforms can be output in continuous, triggered, gated or burst modes. The instrument can be remotely controlled via GPIB or RS232 using SCPI-compliant commands. Extensive features such as waveform summing, internal or external AM, FM and FSK modulation along with versatile sweep capabilities and variable edge pulse generation make this generator suitable for a wide range of applications including electronic design, sensor simulation and functional test.


  • 14-bit, 125 MSa/s, 4 M point Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • 50 MHz Sine / 50 MHz Square waveforms
  • Predefined Pulse, Ramp, Triangle, Noise, Sin (X)/X, Exponential and Gaussian waveforms
  • AM, FM and FSK modulation
  • 10 mVpp to 10 Vpp into 50 ohms
  • Large graphical LCD shows a detailed output waveform representation
  • Fully programmable markers
  • Fully protected output
  • Closed case calibration
  • SCPI compliant command set
  • GPIB and RS-232 Interfaces (standard)
  • Simple integration with WaveXpress waveform editing software to send your waveform creations to the arbitrary waveform generator

Dual Channel Model 4079:

  • Both channels offer full functionality. All wave form parameters such as frequency, amplitude and offset can be set independently
  • Synchronize both output signals to the same clock signal (external or internal) and precisely adjust the phase relationship between the two signals
  • Economical baseband I/Q signal source
  • Saves cost and bench space
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Name: B&K Precision 4076 Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generator, 50 MHz
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Name: B&K Precision 4076 Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generator, 50 MHz
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