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AMETEK Jofra DTI-1000 High Accuracy Reference Thermometer

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The Ametek Jofra DTI-1000 digital temperature indicator is a fully traceable thermometer recommended as the reference instrument to verify the true temperature of any type of temperature calibrator, liquid bath or dry-block calibrator.

The DTI-1000 can be used with a AMETEK JOFRA STS Superior Temperature Standard Probes as the working temperature reference in nearly any calibration application, or it can be set up directly in custody transfer applications where high accuracy (low uncertainty) is important.

The superior performance of the DTI-1000 along with AMETEK’s long history of providing reliable, low-drift calibration instruments have made the JOFRA DTI-1000 and STS probes the working standard in many national laboratories worldwide.

Accurate to +/-0.005°C (+/-0.009°F), the DTI-1000 employs state-of-the-art DC measuring techniques in combination with powerful microprocessor technology. It utilizes True Ohm Measurement that achieves accurate compensation for errors induced by thermal effects and eliminates the EMF from cables, sockets and sensors.

Fast Response Time
This simple to use instrument offers great flexibility, being able to work with both ‘smart’ and standard temperature sensors. A fast response time ensures precise monitoring of temperature stability and low drift reduces uncertainty of measurement between calibration intervals.

Calibration Software Included
JofraCal calibration software ensures easy calibration of RTD´s, thermocouples, transmitters, thermoswithes, pressure gauges and pressure
JofraCal software controls the complete calibration procedure, stores the results and provides a calibration audit trail hard-copy certificates. All calibration data are stored for each sensor to monitor drift and optimise recalibration intervals. A scheduler feature allows planning of future calibrations.

  • High accuracy 0.005°C (0.009°F)
  • Resolution 0.1 – 0.01 or 0.001
  • True-Ohm measuring principle
  • Dual channel inputs A and B, with differential value A-B, peak hold, etc.
  • Range -200°C to 750°C (-328°F to 1,382°F)
  • Battery or mains adapter supply
  • RS232 interface as standard
  • Calibration PC software included
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Name: AMETEK Jofra DTI-1000 High Accuracy Reference Thermometer
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