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Compliance West Announces Availability of the MP-BB-001 Medical Breakout Box

San Diego, CA USA – February 1, 2019 – Today, Compliance West USA announced immediate availability of the MP-BB-001 Medical Breakout Box, a big step forward in simplification of defib-proof testing for Notified and in-house Product Safety Labs examining Medical Equipment for defib-proof compliance.

“The MP-BB-001 will greatly simplify differential and common mode testing of SIP/SOP
leads, and was proposed by a customer and developed with industry feedback. Others wanting
the enhanced facility and safety of the interlocked breakout box will be able to augment their
testing practices with this product,” said Jeff Lind, President.

Safety and convenience; Defib-proof testing gets easier

The plexiglass cover is designed to shield users from the defib-proof surge of 5kV while testing is being performed, and is provided with a magnetic catch to hold it closed. The integral interlock, when connected to the surge tester, will inhibit any surge while the cover is open, safely guarding operators from accidental contact to high voltages. Cable routing slots on both sides of the cover allow easy cable routing for all leads.

Separate zones are provided for Vcc, Ground and patient leads.

The MegaPulse MP-BB-001 Medical Breakout Box is suitable for use with the following Compliance West Medical Testers:



Implantable Series

Biphasic Series

DF-1 Series

DF-80 Series

Defib Surge P Series

D5-PF (all models)

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