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Torque Calibration

Calright Instruments carries a variety of torque tools and torque calibration equipment that can be used in numerous applications.  We also offer quality torque calibration services for torque tools, including torque wrenches, screwdrivers and more.  If you need assistance with torque calibration services or selecting a calibration product, please contact us and we will help recommend the service best suitable for your application.

About Torque Calibration

Frequent torque calibration is essential in ensuring the repeatable accuracy of torque tools, especially when applying torque during the different stages of the production processes.  Calibration of torque tools is performed using a laboratory grade torque calibration system that allows the technician to validate the torque tool accuracy and repeatability across its useable range and adjust if necessary

Our Torque Calibration Services

At Calright Instruments, we utilize the latest laboratory grade torque calibration system to provide calibration services for various torque tools such as torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers as well as electric and pneumatic torque tools.  The torque calibration system allows our technicians to efficiently verify the accuracy of torque tools, record multiple readings per tested setting and report those results to the customer on the calibration report.   

Our Torque Calibration Products

  • Shimpo TNP Torque Meter – Open/ Close Cap Torque Tester, Up To 88.5 In.Lbf (10 N-M) 

The Shimpo TNP torque meter is a precision instrument that measures open and close torque values for different applications. The TNP, being a cap torque analyzer, repeatedly determines breakaway torque and bottle closure. It is capable of storing 1,000 data points in addition to maximum, minimum and average values. For large batch testing, the HI-LO comparator can be utilized to guarantee overall product quality. It is USB compatible for computer testing. With the complimentary Digitorq Software, customers can perform additional analysis and testing.

It is portable and can be powered by an AC adapter/charger or internal rechargeable batteries. Having a small footprint, it can easily be used around the laboratory or the shop floor. 

  • Mountz (072999) PTT-2000 Torque Analyzer

The product provides improved and advanced torque monitoring, controlling documentation, which allows engineers and technicians to make sure of the product’s reliability, quality and safety in any type of manufacturing environment. ISO 9001 documentation has never been quicker and simpler with the PTT-2000 torque meter! The torque analyzer also features a novel EZ-plug & play technology which is an auto-recognition system equipped with torque sensors, designed to measure torque, calibrate torque, load or force measurement among a host of other uses.

Why Choose Calright Instruments?

Calright Instruments provides quality torque calibration services, servicing customers in San Diego, California and across the United States. Our calibration laboratory is ISO 17025 Accredited through A2LA and ensures our capabilities, quality and strict commitment to uncertainty and measurement control. 

Our technical customer service team is always available to help you choose the right calibration service type for your test equipment, provide quick quotes and schedule calibration services.

If you need assistance, contact us at toll free 1.866.363.6634 or use the contact us feature at the top of the page.

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