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Temperature Calibration

For over 20 years, Calright Instruments has been the best source for customers who want to rent, lease or buy new measure equipment, electronic test equipment, and refurbished or used test equipment. We have a team of highly trained technical and service staff with several years of experience across a wide variety of related industries.

About Temperature Calibration

Temperature calibration typically involves a reproducible, documented and dependable comparison of an equipment piece put under the test with another similar equipment piece that has also been temperature calibrated. Usually, the test would need the use of a calibration block or a calibration bath to keep a constant temperature, in order to allow the two test pieces to adjust to the temperature point. The temperature sensor itself is usually a platinum resistance thermometer, thermocouple or thermistor. The readings from the thermometers are taken by “thermometer readout” devices that are able to gauge electrical outputs and also convert accordingly to temperature based on the ITS-90.

Generally, common end-users of temperature calibrators can vary from instrumentation technicians, calibration technicians, calibration managers, reliability engineers and maintenance managers that work in research and development, utilities, manufacturing or calibration labs.

Our Temperature Calibration Services

Here at Calright Instruments, we offer NIST traceable calibration services as well as accredited calibration according to ISO/IEC standards for a diversity of instruments including thermocouples, readouts, thermistors, RTDs, SPRTs, dry block calibrators and liquid-in-glass thermometers. Our calibration certificates are inclusive of the list of standards and data utilized, as well as the CVD temp coefficients or ITS-90 wherever appropriate. The certificates are ensured to comply with the guidelines and format provided by the ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Our Temperature Calibration Products

  • Vaisala Hmdw80 Series Humidity And Temperature Transmitters 

The Vaisala Humidity and Temperature Transmitter is used to measure temperature and relative humidity in building automation applications. It features reliable operation, easy installation and a low requirement for maintenance. It has transmitters for duct and wall mounting and IP65-classified transmitters for humid areas. It also includes transmitters with an optional display and temperature-only transmitters. The device can calculate wet bulb temperature, dew point temperature, and enthalpy as well.

  • Ametek Jofra RTC187 Reference Temperature Calibrator, -45°C To 180°C

The product is a portable temperature calibrator that is highly accurate within a wide range of temperatures. One of the main features of the DLC system is an ideal temperature uniformity within the insert even while many sensors are being calibrated at one time. Additionally, the RTC series draw attention to a novel dual and triple-zone heating technology that serves to ideally maintain the temperature homogeneity within the well.

Why Choose Calright Instruments?

Calright Instruments is an authorized distributor of new test equipment, including some of the best and most reputable products such as Casella, Compliance West, Reed, Ritronic, FLIR and many more! We make sure all testing applications first go through measurement equipment testing that meets the required guidelines and standards.

Our team is always ready to help you choose the best solution for your business. Please call us at (619) 329-7814 to get started now.

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