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Humidity Calibration

Calright Instruments carries a comprehensive range of versatile humidity meters and hygrometers. We also provide high-quality humidity calibration services for humidity meters, hygrometers, humidity sensors, and more. If you are looking for a professional humidity calibration services provider or need help with selecting a humidity product, contact us today. We will recommend the service or product that suits your application. 

About Humidity Calibration

Relative Humidity can have an adverse effect on materials during manufacturing processes as well as human health and comfort. It is important to accurately measure and monitor humidity levels, especially when manufacturing products. These practices help manufacturers avoid static issues, corrosion, spoilage, warping, condensation, mold growth on products. Monitoring and controlling humidity in homes and offices improve overall comfort and reduce negative health effects associated with low and high humidity exposure.

Periodic calibration is recommended for humidity meters and sensors. Proper calibration ensures manufacturing environments are accurately monitored to prevent raw materials and products from getting damaged. 

Relative humidity meters and sensors can be calibrated with a specialized humidity generator or environmental chamber. This process, however, should be monitored with a calibrated precision sensor. The device being tested is placed inside the chamber and the humidity throughout the meter’s range is carefully controlled. The recorded measurements can then be compared to the chamber display or calibrated precision sensor. This allows the user to calculate the error of the device being tested. These results and uncertainties are then reflected on the calibration certificate or test report.  

Our Humidity Calibration Services

Accurate humidity measurements and monitoring are critical to our customers’ manufacturing operations and quality control procedures. Calright Instruments has experience in calibrating humidity meters, hygrometers, humidity sensors, and chart recorders. Our calibration laboratory utilizes precision reference sensors to accurately validate your equipment across its entire range. Additionally, we will report all results and uncertainties we find on the calibration certificate.     

Our Humidity Calibration Products

  • Rotronic HP32 HygroPalm Humidity Temperature Handheld Indicator 

The Rotronic HP32 is a handheld device capable of measuring humidity, temperature, and psychrometric parameters. It can be used with all Rotronic HC2A and HC2 Probes. Probes are interchangeable and can be easily connected to the top of the indicator. The HP32 features a graphical display, programmable alarm, and can record up to 64,000 data points. This handheld indicator is designed for applications, including HVAC inspections and spot checks, the Food and Agriculture industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and more. 

  • Rotronic HygroGen HG2 Humidity Generator For The Calibration Of Humidity Probes

Ideally, the HygroGen HG2 Humidity Generator can be utilized in the calibration of up to five humidity probes at once. When the temperature is maintained at constant, the generator usually takes less than five minutes to equilibrate the humidity condition to another. This is done via a mixed flow method which allows the precise generation of a known temperature and humidity condition inside the well-insulated chamber. 

Amongst a whole host of features, the humidity generator is built with a user-friendly and simple graphical user interface, an integrated touch screen PC and USB hub as well as an external heated sample loop for reference hygrometer connection.

Why Choose Calright Instruments?

Calright Instruments provides quality humidity calibration services for our customers in San Diego, California and across the United States. Our calibration laboratory is ISO 17025 Accredited through A2LA and we are committed to maintaining strict uncertainty and measurement control.   

Not sure which calibration service to choose for your application? Our technical customer service team provides the advice you need, provide quick quotes, and schedule timely calibration services.  

If you need assistance with Humidity Calibration, feel free to call us at our toll-free hotline: 1.866.363.6634 or use our online contact form

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