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Electrical Calibration

Ever since 2002, Calright Instruments is the perfect go-to option for customers that are looking to lease, buy or rent electronic test equipment and measure equipment that are brand new, refurbished or even used. Our team of technical and customer service team has years of experience in the relevant industries, providing sales support as well as application assistance.

Calright Instruments offers quality electrical calibration services.  We also carry a variety of electrical calibration equipment that can be used to verify electrical instruments.  If you need assistance with electrical calibration services or selecting a calibration product, please contact us and we will help recommend the service best suitable for your application.

About Electrical Calibration

Electrical calibration involves the process of authenticating or adjusting the performance of any instrument that is used to test or measure the electrical parameters. This process is generally known as low frequency and DC electrical metrology. It typically necessitates the utilization of highly-precise devices which can gauge the units under test in the key properties of other devices. 

Since such precise devices are known to possess hugely comparable characteristics with the units under test, the performance gauge or calibration adaptation help to determine and reduce the likelihood of errors. The precision devices generally fall under two categories, of which precision measurement devices are referred to as measurement standards, ratio bridges or precision digital multimeters, whilst electrical signal sources are classified as standards or calibrators.

Electrical calibration is the process of verifying and adjusting the performance of instruments used to test or measure electrical parameters such as voltmeters, ammeters, multimeters, clamp-on meters and insulation resistance testers.  This process is commonly known as low frequency and DC electrical metrology using precision electrical calibrators and multimeters that have been certified with primary reference standards.

Our Electrical Calibration Services

As a leading provider of accredited and trusted electrical calibration services, Calright Instruments has in hold a diverse array of testers and meters that include transmitters, multimeters, power supplies and sensors. Also, we service a varying host of RF test equipment such as scope meters and oscilloscopes. With our extensive ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, you’ll get coverage for several calibration capabilities aimed towards DC resistance and current, LF capacitance, DC/AC-LF voltage, AC resistors and current, Luminance/Illuminance; albeit with a broad spectrum of measurement parameters.

Calright Instruments is a leading provider of accredited electrical calibration services. We utilize the latest precision multifunction electrical calibrators, and reference multimeters, to verify general purpose electrical test equipment such as voltmeters, ammeters, multimeters and clamp-on meters.  Our precision calibrators and reference multimeters have been verified with primary reference standards providing our customers the necessary traceability and uncertainty ratios.

Our Electrical Calibration Products

  • Wika CTB9100-165 Series Micro Calibration Bath, -35 to 165ºC

This new product is an amazing complement to the CTD9300 and CTD9100 series for temperature dry well calibrators. Attributing to its small insertion depth and its ensuing stem conduction fault, the short sensors in the temperature dry well calibrators suffer a markedly decrease in measurement accuracy. If several sensors are simultaneously calibrated, the different stem diameters of the thermometers can calibrate without needing any prior close-fitting inserts.

  • Reed R5005 True RMS Multimeter w/ Temp, 1000V AC/DC 10A AC/DC

The Reed R5005 is a DMM capable of data logging and measuring multiple True RMS AC and DC signals simultaneously. Store up to 10,000 recorded events and Log multiple sessions or log data continuously for over 200 hours. Features a 50000 count 320 x 240 TFT color LCD display with digital analog bargraph and Bluetooth capability

  • WIKA CPH6000 Process Calibrator

The WIKA CPH6000 has several pressure sensors available to provide optimal solutions for all applications with a 0.025% accuracy range and a maximum pressure range of 1,000 bar. They are easily interchangeable without needing extra tools and can be mounted remotely with an extension cable.

  •   AEMC 6524 (2155.52) Megohmmeter: 1000V, 200G Ohm

The Megohmmeter Model 6524 is a handheld, battery powered, multi-function 1000V digital insulation resistance tester with onboard memory. It is designed to measure Insulation Resistance, Continuity, Resistance, Frequency and Voltage.  

Why Choose Calright Instruments?

Our accredited calibration laboratories throughout the country serve to provide accredited electrical calibration services, with true traceability to SI units through ISO 9001 and NIST compliant standards – our electrical calibration services are guaranteed to surpass the most rigorous and stringent of quality requirements. Calright Instruments also provide in-process and on-site calibration services at your location or at our site, while still having the highest quality standards that are comparable to the industry standards.

Our team is always ready to help you choose the best solution for your business. Please call us at (619) 329-7814 to get started now.

Calright Instruments provides quality electrical calibration services for customers in San Diego, California and across the United States. Our calibration laboratory is ISO 17025 Accredited through A2LA and ensures our capabilities, quality and strict commitment to uncertainty and measurement control. 

Our technical customer service team is always available to help you choose the right calibration service type for your test equipment, provide quick quotes and schedule calibration services.

If you need assistance contact us at toll free 1.866.363.6634 or use the contact us feature at the top of the page.

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