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Dimensional Calibration

For over 20 years, Calright Instruments has been an industry-leading source for buying, renting or leasing new, used or refurbished test equipment, as well as a range of measurement equipment. Our team of technical and customer service staff has years of experience in their relevant industries offering after-sales support and application assistance.

About Dimensional Calibration

Dimensional calibration generally involves equipment that can measure an object’s physical size including its diameter, angles, length and width. It can also be utilized in measuring certain geometrical properties of a machined part including flatness, part profiles, hole position and parallelism. Dimensional equipment is an ever-present feature in almost every manufacturing environment since the measurements are pivotal in observing any changes or errors within the process of manufacturing. 

Our Dimensional Calibration Services

Here at Calright Instruments, our accredited dimensional calibration services are implemented to ensure highly reliable, traceable and precise measurement results for your measuring instruments as well as your hand tools. Whether it is tape measures, comparators, optics-based scales, gages, scales or micrometers, our premier dimensional calibration capabilities will allow for the reduction of any unnecessary risks or inaccuracies in your measurements.

Additionally, our dimensional calibration services include roughness and surface hardness tester calibration for certain instruments. We also provide geometric dimensional and tolerancing such as gaging and custom overlays.

Our Dimensional Calibration Products

  • Reed LM-81lx Digital Light Meter 2,000 Fc / 20,000 Lux 

The Reed compact light meter is capable of measuring Lux and Footcandle (Fc) units. It is an auto-ranging instrument that tracks maximum and minimum readings. It has a zero adjustment button and a data hold function. It is small and lightweight making it easy for holding with one hand.

  • Horiba IG-340 Gloss Checker, 60° 

The Horiba IG-340’s user-friendly interface allows spontaneous operations for prompt gloss measurement on-site. The device can be operated by one hand due to its lightweight and ergonomic design. More than 50,000 units have been sold worldwide and its repeatability, accuracy and precision are indispensable in checking an object’s appearance. The IG-340 allows accurate measurement of low gloss surfaces and highly polished textures. It can indicate gloss measurement for materials such as wood, stone, rubber, leather, glass, plastic, and metal. It can be used for industries like floor maintenance, car polishing to stone and building materials appearance inspection. The Horiba IG-340 is suitable for outdoor gloss measurement and use in environments where water drops are found.

Why Choose Calright Instruments?

Calright Instruments has been providing leading dimensional calibration services for over 20 years that span across all our accredited calibration labs in America. Also, we make sure to include reference level capabilities in dimensional standards that include master setting plugs, ring gages, end measuring rods and gage blocks. For the highest quality and our strict commitment to uncertainty and measurement control, you can trust the experts at Calright Instruments to get the job done for you.

Our team is always ready to help you choose the best solution for your business. Please call us at (619) 329-7814 to get started now.

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