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Calibration Disciplines

Calright Instruments offers calibration services for a wide range of test equipment from leading manufacturers. Calibration services are important for customers in various fields of work, and can help check if your test equipment is giving you precise measurements. There are many calibration disciplines, with each of them having different types of calibrators and calibration references. Calright Instruments’ technical staff with over 50 years of experience can help you with all your calibration needs to ensure that your test equipment performs to the highest standard possible.

Pressure Calibration

Pressure calibration compares the output of your device used to measure pressure with another pressure measurement device or standard. Whether you require help calibrating pressure gauges or deadweight testers, our accredited laboratory ensures that the calibrations are performed with a true SI unit traceability through NIST.

Temperature Calibration

Temperature calibration refers to the calibration of your test equipment that measures temperature. The temperature sensor or thermometer measures electrical outputs and converts them to temperature. They are calibrated by being placed in stable temperature environments, where their output is compared to a calibrated reference thermometer. Test equipment of this discipline can include infrared thermometers, thermocouple devices, temperature baths and more. 

Electrical Calibration

Electrical calibration is the process of verifying the performance of any instrument that measures electrical parameters. It involves the use of precise devices that evaluate the performance of key properties for other devices. Such test equipment includes oscilloscopes, AC & DC power supplies, resistance and insulation testers.

Dimensional Calibration

Dimensional calibration involves equipment that measures physical sizes of objects that are related to width, diameters, angles and length. Instruments like micrometers, tape measures, and calipers are tested and calibrated for surface hardness and roughness as well.

RF & Microwave Calibration

RF and microwave calibrations are performed by our skilled team, who cover various test equipment such as network analyzers, signal generators, power sensors and many more. Calibrating an RF and microwave item requires a system of other test equipment that are capable of calibrating different instrument types.

Torque Calibration

Torque calibration equipment are found in many different areas of work such as production, servicing and research and development. Besides offering a wide range of torque tools, our laboratory also covers calibration services for both high-torque applications and low-torque requirements.

Air Velocity Calibration

Air velocity is measured by sensing pressure that is produced through the movement of air. Although equipment of this discipline are highly accurate, regular and proper calibration will help maintain its measurement precision.

Humidity Calibration 

Humidity calibration is important wherever there is a need to prevent mold, warping, corrosion, and condensation. This is highly applicable when products have an expiry date or involve natural materials. All humidity calibrations are done with traceability to SI Units through NIST.

Why Choose Calright Instruments?

Calright Instruments is the place to go to for all your calibration needs. We offer a wide range of test equipment and provide repair services for both working and defective instruments. With the help of our experienced technical team and dedicated customer service representatives, you will find what you’re looking for at Calright Instruments.

Our team is always ready to help you choose the best solution for your business. Please call us at (619) 329-7814 to get started now.

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