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As a company operating within the utilities industry, you can come to Calright Instruments for all your calibration needs. Whether you are looking to purchase new or pre-owned equipment, you can find something that suits your needs in our online shop. In addition, we are also able to provide rental and repair services for a wide range of testing equipment!

About the Utilities Industry

Utilities companies provide end users with the everyday amenities they require to keep a building or business running. This includes water, natural gas, electricity, power, sewage and trash removal, and more. Depending on the specific utility provided, utilities companies will be involved in numerous activities. These include power generation, transmission and distribution, water treatment and filtration, and lots more. 

Because both residential and commercial clients will require the use of these basic amenities, the utilities sector is an ever-growing one. These properties will have varying needs: for instance, some do not make use of natural gas at all, depending on electricity for all their needs. The cost of keeping a property well-lit and at a comfortable temperature throughout the year is the main cost associated with residential properties. In commercial buildings, equipment and machinery will need to be powered to meet operational needs as well.

Why the Utilities Industry Needs Calibration Products and Services

Many different testing applications need to be carried out in the utilities industry. As it encompasses a wide range of energy types and sources, this can include:

  • Measuring the flow of natural gas, as this is the main determining factor for its price. This will hold both buyer and seller accountable when it comes to meeting contractual obligations that have been agreed upon.
  • Environmental testing can be carried out to survey land for contaminants, such as groundwater discharge and E. Coli, before proceeding with the supplying of utilities. For instance, if there are contaminants found in the water of a particular plot of land, this should be brought to light before proceeding with any industrial projects and resulting in any harm.
  • Temperature and humidity testing will provide useful insights when it comes to power transmission to various destinations. During the process of transportation, inevitably gas or liquid energy will be exposed to different conditions and temperatures. Carrying out testing will allow utilities companies to know how these products will respond and as a result, the best conditions under which to transport them.

Why Choose Calright Instruments?

At Calright Instruments, we stock calibration equipment for a wide range of testing applications across various industries. This includes the utilities industry, which branches out into natural gas, gas and oil pipelines, solar energy, wind energy, and more. You can turn to us as your reliable one-stop shop when it comes to buying or leasing test equipment. We are able to provide repair services for your equipment as well!

Our team is always ready to help you choose the best solution for your business. Please call us at (619) 329-7814 to get started now.

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